High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz

In December 2011,I wrote that High Fidelity cables led by cable designer Rick Schultz was putting together a new cable.The cable came to market as CT-1.The CT-1 has FINALLY made it into my system!I had obtained a version of the prototype that Rick had been working on.It blew my previous reference Genesis by Virtual Dynamics.I thought I had finally found my end with this cable.This prototype delivered to my ears "Nirvana".Could I be at the end of my quest for the ultimate sound?
No. I received two pairs of CT-1 to replace my prototypes.They went into the system this past Friday.Unable to dedicate time until Sunday listening,I stole a few moments,ducking away from company with anticipation.My guest could tell even with the music set for"ambiance"something was intriguing and I was in for a treat!
The experience:
First off,CT-1 was very user friendly.Installation was simple;the cable is very nice and light.The female RCA fit beautifully unlike any I had found in other cable.It was secure and reliable.It seemed much thought was dedicated to developing a designer fit to an aesthetically stunning RCA connector.Install entailed a few wiggles to ensure what seemed like a compression fit on my RCA.
It was 2-3 hrs. for the 1st step of break in to be complete.At that point I had something different!Today,although they only have 10-12 hrs. on them,I can`t put into words how much my system has transformed.Believe me,I loved my prototypes.However....there is simply no comparision.
The clarity and sound is so natural.
The soundstage is like nothing I ever heard.Resoulution is breathtaking and inner detail is simply hard to believe possible.
The sound has transended and now it simply does not seem as thought I have speakers.
My system is musicians playing music.
I am told with time they will improve and I trust that as it was revealed with the prototypes.I wanted to share my thoughts with you that now.
Unequivocally,a testament to High Fidelity,as the name declares.
High Fidelity Cables for me,the last word on it,after 12 hours!
Truly Amazing

Yep, the CT-1 interconnects are really unbelievable, it's like listening to the master recording, nothing between the source and speakers.

I'm playing older recordings that sound entirely musical, this never happened in all my years of listening.
I am still using the prototypes for my speaker cables.I can`t imagine if I also had his new technology on my speakers.hopefully soon.
I wish I could afford $1600 interconnects because I would love to try these cables in my system!
I have about 30hrs. on them now and they just keep getting better.picture a 3D movie that`s how the musicians are set up.there is so much space around them.

As we discussed I have been in the high-end Audio business for the past forty years. I have seen a lot of things come and go and heard of incredible hype about products. The unfortunate part is that most of the products you hear so much about are just hype. And than there are the cables that you sent me.

These are the finest cables that I have ever heard. I have never heard another cable for the initial listen to be as open and transparent as yours. The cables have a remarkable ability to focus and layer the sound stage and never be offensive to listen to. Usually you have to listen to cables over a ten day to two week period before you can remain in the same room for any period. Again the ability to follow and instrument with ease, the focus, the dynamics, the micro and macro dynamics are just out of this world. I have never heard a cable to compete with these and do it from the moment you put them into your system.

Finally I want to applaud you for being the first person in years to address the RCA Plug problem. Most of the plugs out their don't fit tight in their female receptacles. However yours are not only gorgeous to look at, they fit snugly and reassure the listener that there is a tight fit. I can't say enough to let you know how impressed I am with your cables. Maybe I can just say that I love them and want to be a Dealer for you. These cables are game changers!
that`s exactly how i feel about these cables and i been through a bunch of them in the past.
Al and Bear, I'm using two pairs and one as a digital cable between the trans and dac, Rick is off the charts with these.
I wanted to add my thought on what I heard with the new High Fidelity CT-1 interconnects designed by Rick Schultz. I only had one pair of interconnects to use in my system and I placed them between the preamp and power amp. I let them break in continuously for two weeks before taking a real listen to them. I also used CD recordings that I am extremely familiar with. I build my own direct heated triode tube preamps with custom transformers and I have used these same CDs to listen to the changes to hear the effects of design changes I make. I also want to mention that the DHT transformer coupled preamp I manufacturer offers a more open, detailed sound than any other conventional preamp I know. Cables are not used as a tone control or to provide more detail, clarity or bass. Cables with this preamp just need to let the preamp do what it does best and that is to let the music flow and not get in the way.

Like what has already been mentioned about, the cables had a very open sound with more clarity then other cables I compared them to. Open does not mean bright or harsh sounding, they were just more open. To be honest I was worried about this since the preamp already offers this and I was afraid it would be too much. Soundstage was proportioned wide (outside my Meadowlark Nighthawk speakers) and the soundstage depth was in line with what my system produces normally, nicely layered also meaning accompanying backing vocals and instruments were placed as I imagined the recording to be. I am a musician so my statement of layering in based on my understanding of playing in a band and positioning of instrument and vocal placement on a stage. The upper mid-range to high frequencies was clearer and more open. For example, I could hear cymbals much better but they still remained in their space. The clarity of the cables while very open is also smooth sounding, meaning they did not add any brightness or harshness which other cables that I have tried in the past sometimes did. The resolution was excellent. The cables never sounded congested even on loud and complex passages providing a good amount of inner detail. The bass was a little different than what I am used to and comparing them to copper wire cables. The sound is faster, more defined, and the sound can lose some wood of a standup bass. This is normal for me to understand since the cable is so much faster, clearer and open sounding. It did not get in the way of the sound produced from my preamp or add anything to control the sound. It just let the music flow.

I would imagine in most systems using a conventional manufactured preamp, these cables would open up a world of clarity, resolution, speed, etc., that those preamps are probably not capable of producing.

Happy Listening, and give them an audition.
Bigkidz...i agree totally with your assessment of the CT-1 interconnects.i just recently tried / bought a 1.5m CT-1 and am amazed at how much better, what i thought was great sound, my system's sound is. i will be trying a 1m CT-1 in the near future to see if what rick says about the synergy is true. the cable replaced one more then twice the cost.every aspect of the sonic presentation improved ....which is rare...especially when it costs less. they really are superb cables..
Bigkidz and Calloway
i just want to add one observation to what has been said.they were great when i first received them,and by now they are off the charts.the music is so natural and they just keep getting better.
what a freakin cable RS has done again!I am blowin clean into the weeds with this level of resolution and natural see through ability.This cable has a neutrality that is mind boggling, giving you a high end cleanliness that others dream of!Superlatives are just the beginning of this musical monster that emerges out of ones system.One could compare this cable with the best out here and wonder if it has n"t vanquished the competition.This may be RS's greatest cables yet!! Stay tuned with me!! Cheers Dennis
this what i been trying to put out there. not B.S.this is the real deal
When a big name gets a listen, they'll most likely get the full recognition
they deserve, just a matter of time.
These interconnect cables are truly off the charts. An astounding clarity and detail but yet non fatiguing.

The magnetic conduction technology of this new cable line really does lift the cliche 'veils' from music by reducing distortion. For the first time I am not hearing my cables, they have not much of a sound.

I cannot wait for the speaker cables.

Note : take all I say about HFC with a grain of salt because I am now involved with the company in a minor way doing web development. But be assured I would not have bothered if this was yet another high end cable company dressing up stock wire with fancy jackets and expensive connectors.

There truly is something unique going on here, Rick Schultz is a genius inventor who thinks outside the box.
I joined the club about 5 months ago. I bought a 1 meter pair to go from my DAC to preamp. One month later I called Rick up for a 4 meter pair to link my amp and preamp. I must say I did expect a lot coming from Rick but I was still very impressed (and still am) after I heard them in my system. Way to go!
Rx8man/Bigkidz: So are you guy's using this cable now "exclusively" instead of the Silkworm+? Sounded like that was the cable to keep! Comparison's? Thanks!
24h365 - I sold the Silkworms many moons ago. Excellent sounding cables in a different way. You need to compare in your own system to see what works best for you. Right now I don't use any special cabiling in my system as I have turned my attention to producing a tube preamp that I hope will be completed by next month and commercailly available for sale. Not to many people have heard somehting like it and I am looking to demonstrate it through local audio clubs in NYC area and then out form there.

Happy Listening.
It was only last week that I became aware of Schultz's new cables. I'm trying pairs of CT-1s and CT-1Es now. I saw them and the fairly expensive Ultras at CES and even heard them used throughout the system. I heard no comparisons at CES, however. But I did do a comparison between the CT-1s and the CT-1Es. As very impressive as the CT-1s are with about a hundred hours on them, the CT-1Es are much better. Frankly, having played them throughout the night, I have never heard anything approaching them. About the Ultras? I haven't a clue but hope to hear them soon.

You know these are not just another cable. The RCAs have magnets in them. They are also directional with arrows showing in very small print on the cables.
tbg....calloway here..i have had the CT-1s and now the CT-1E for a few months and they are the REAL DEAL...will be getting the speaker cables soon..Rick really has something with his new cables..
hi guys
i am the one that started this thread back i n 4/12.i had the CT`1 interconnects in my system since then.they just keep getting better.
you don`t know how happy i was to hear that he will be doing speaker cables also.i am on the list to get a pair.
he has had a number of reviews from
Positive Feedback
Harry Pearson
Jack Roberts
Patrick Dillon
First Impression
these cables are the real deal as i stated back in April of 2012
Alpass, yes and the Enhanced is better than the CT-1 and the Ultimate, I'm told is better than even that.

There are also digital interconnects and prospectively power cords.

I'm still waiting for my CT-1 Enhanced to settle down. I certainly have heard great improvement each day for the last ten days.
i will be getting a pair of the CT-1E speaker cables soon and will report on them as well..
Hello Rx8man,

I have used VD UltraClear, 'regular' CT-1, and the enhanced. There was nothing specific that was better going to the CT-1E, but EVERYTHING was just noticeably better. I would not have believed it, since the jump from regular copper/silver/gold/OCC interconnect cables to CT-1 was a big jump for me, but the new conductor, new pin (which I think may be the biggest contributor to the improvement), and new treatment all apparently make for more detail, bass, midrange, treble, clarity, less noise, and just plain more music.

For those fortunate to be getting CT-1 speaker cables (Calloway, I can only imagine how good your system will sound!), I am envious.
Juliejoema, well said. I thought that CT-1E initially sounded dull relative to CT-1, but that changed over night. I find the bass on Enhanced exceptional. For me the further question is Ultimate. I heard it on the Lansche speakers the last day of CES when the cables had had three days of breakin. I have never heard the Lansches sound better. In fact, despite the crappy rooms in the Towers, this may have been the best sound I have ever heard at CES.

What would the Enhance or the original CT-1s have sounded like? We will never know.
That tells me they are very well balanced across the spectrum when everything gets better, just passing the signal even more clean and quiet, wanted to hear some feedback, thanks.
The initial 'dull' sounding impressions may be due to the lowering of noise. Noise, as opposed to the intended signal, sounds 'louder' than music of the same measured dB level.

So if you reduce noise levels, you are reducing the APPARENT loudness of the transmitted signal by more than just the drop in noise level.

This is why noise is added (or at least used to be) added to radio signals so that the station 'sounded louder' when changing stations in the car. It is also why live music, even when at high SPLs, does not present itself as loud as for reproduced music with more noise at the same SPL.

The thing that really sealed it for me was when I changed to UltraClear/CT-1 cables from other cables and would stand up to lift the tonearm at the end of a song. When I first changed cables I would go over to the TT when I was expecting the song to be over and I would hear an additional 5 seconds of low-level music coming through the speakers that I hadn't heard before. The CT-1 cables allowed more music to come through, whether through a reduction in noise or the ability to transmit lower level signals better than IC cables from the usual companies.
Juliejoema, I was saying this about the CT-1E relative to the CT-1s. Both require a higher volume output than my other cables. But yes, they do greatly lower the noise floor.
Hello tbg, Your observations regarding sound levels differs from mine. I found that the CT-1 cables increased the sound level I heard, but, of course, my system differs from yours.

Depending on the input and output impedences, and the voltage levels being transmitted, the increased resistance of the CT-1 conductor (compared to pure copper/silver/gold/aluminum) might be causing your drop in sound level.

Your impressions on noise levels is consistent with what I hear. I can only imagine how little noise would exist with CT-1 speaker cables along with the IC cables.
that`s the first thing i noticed back in April,there was no noise.just music.
Very intrigued by everyone's comments. I've been listening to Echole cables which are very impressive.

Intersted to learn what cables you are moving from (e.g. comparison) to High Fidelity's.
Very intrigued by everyone's comments. I've been listening to Echole cables which are very impressive.

Intersted to learn what cables you are moving from (e.g. comparison) to High Fidelity's.
Supposed to receive the just released CT-1 Ultimate speaker cables this week. Can't wait to compare to my Stage III and Valhalla cables.
If you would like pictures you can email me or go to my site for pictures. Should have them posted by this weekend.
Full disclosure, I am a dealer so will not be commenting on this forum to how good they are or aren't.
Just an FYI they are now available.
For pictures of them you can go to www.jcaudioconsulting.com
Jcaudio..i received a pair of the 'Ultimate' speaker cables yesterday and to say that they are amazing would be a giant understatement. i have never had a cable make such an improvement in my systems' sound like they do.they are stunning.the sound is now so holographic....the bass has so much weight to it and the soundstage is so focused and deep and wide.the presentation of every track i play is a new experience and my system was superb to start with.even my wife can't believe how much better the sound is and her ears are better then mine.i am told it will get even better over the next 2 weeks..i can't wait...every musical note is so perfectly clear and so tonally correct.symphonic music is just incredible...more later...
Tbg...they are...i still can't believe how holographic the soundstage is..you guys are more than welcome to come over and listen..apparently they will continue to improve for about a week or 2.just amazing.
Calloway, I am beginning to notice that prior nice tweaks are now harmful. The sound stage often get confused, not as high, and deader. It has happened with a limit number so far and there are exceptions. When I get this sorted out, I will post my findings, but as always YMMV.
Break in is dramatic but changing much faster (for the better) than my other high end cables.
First day:
Out of the box sounded really good, but by that night sounded brittle, flat and decided best to let it cook.
Day two:
Treble still pretty harsh on piano registers but better extension. Bass still really bad!
Day three:
Treble starting to show its mettle and hearing things in the music I never heard before. On Keith Jarret Kohn Concert, while I always heard him moaning in the background, with good peddle noise, I all of a sudden thought he was in the room, uncanny. Bass still not tight though.
Day four, early morning:
Starting to come together. Today was the first day I could actually sit and enjoy the music. Bass starting to really tighten up and the highs are just incredible now. Very natural. Piano sounds like real piano. Great weight with soundstage and imaging finally locked.
I am guessing at present rate that by this weekend will be really something.

Quite surprised at the speed of this change as I am more accustomed to great cables taking at least a month to really settle down.
So far, very encouraged
I have had numerous emails regarding what the Wave Stabalizers look like on the Ultimate Speaker Cables.
I will post some pictures on my website tonight at following link


Best guess will be about 8:00 pst.

I think they are pretty cool looking
Jcaudio..could not agree more. i am on day 6 and they are absolutely amazing. one of the designers of my amps was over tonight and he could not believe how superb the system sounds with the 'ultimates. he thinks these cables have made...next to his amps..the biggest change in my system's sound.i could not agree more..the weight of the music..the incredible decay of notes...the pinpoint focus ....the 3-d soundstage..everything is significantly improved...
I am accidently running the I/C and nothing has ever changed my system so dramtically!The sense of scale ,dynamics, and resolution that is so profoundly evocative.Hearing music that has the deepest sense of resolution but with air to spare,my Martin logan clsz defy some of the images that are created:because they seem to have no beginning or end to images.This new magnetic Wave stabiliser connector brings some thing new to the dynamic envelope, offering up musical delights that just brings smiles to your face( 4 days of break in so far.
Bass lines that float and dance right in front of you and then move past you.Jl fathoms in stereo drive by the Presense Audio 4.0 preamp into the Sim audio W-5Limited Ed. amp.
Leading the charge is a Wadia S-7I Gnsc Shultz power module and further refining Avanced Vibration control all sitting on custom RS Brass stands.
From the sounds of the system is truly breathe taking, because, of the naturalness that is imparted to the system, making a huge sense of scale that is in the music but only hinted at with other cables.Dynamics are so alive that there is no doubt about the dynamic envelope that seem to stretch endlessly.I have never experienced such a dramatic and profound musical experience from any other R Shultz designed cables.My hat is off to Rick the Madman Shultz for designing like no other Designer I have ever Believed in!!!Kudos and Thanks Mr.Shultz