High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?


There is always two sides to the story. I heard there were a lot of internal problems with HFC that had to do with staffing, along with supply issues . Maybe some head bumping ?. Someone will get pissed and sling Mud, say bad things ?. They are closed for now. Rick will have to regroup. I think he will do that and,  like calgarian said, come up with a different management model. I am a big fan. I use just about all of his products. The thing is with HFC cables , the materials used are quite different from regular cables. A lot of other  cables use simpler production methods. Its like cooking. if you cant get a certain spice, that meal is not going to get prepared, a lot of hungry bellies. I guess thats one way to put it. That insane pricing comment from roxy, yeah I get it. A lot of Audiophiles would zero in on the big money stuff even though the Cable manufacturer produce bang for the buck cables that performs pretty good. There are cables out there that cost more than HFC. Anyway, I dont say much on Audiogon. I just stay on the sidelines. I must say ,most of you guys seem to be pretty smart Audiophiles, from what I read.

Good Luck to Rick/HFC.






Rick is a true innovator. Assuming his health is okay, I hope he can find a true balance. Work on his projects and let someone else run the business.

It really saddens me that (if) HFC is really out-of-business.  It all started with me with the original CT-1 interconnect (which I still have).  Everything, and I mean everything that I purchased from HFC made my system better.  Even their entry level Reveal line was an ear opener.  I have so much HFC in my system, and every time I introduced another HFC product into my system, everything sonically improved.