High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?


@raysmtb1 You are not ’well aware’ of anything. Virtual Dynamics was started in the late 90’s. He specifically closed it in 2010 to pursue the magnetic tech which had investor money and many patents behind it. He could have just continued VD until today to keep you happy but chose the more difficult/exciting path of new advances in signal technology.

But this required partners and with that the higher overheads - much higher than all the one man band cable companies that are just buying RCA connectors and wire from an industrial catalogue.

It lasted 10 years and yes it never worked out. But consider he was only a part owner of the company and perhaps it wasn't his decision to pull the plug.

But then to imply from that he is a serial business defaulter is totally unfair IMO. He has been in this industry for close to 25 years and after ONE time this happens out pop all these false claims about him.

Rick has always done well by me. His products are great and i will continue to do business with him when needed.

I know I will just steer away from any company this guy is affiliated with. To many stories and where there is smoke there is fire. 

@agisthos and @68pete

Other than the fact he has apparently ripped off tranchautuan for several $thousand and is not making any timely attempts to pay him back he is just a peach of a fella.

This is of course assuming, as I am, that tranchautuan's claim is valid.

hi all,

Just some updated on my situations, but here the overall timeline:

1, around 09/2021 ,I've sent my cable to HFC for an upgrade, that time I contacted just thru HFC facebook website and later  HFC Casey thru email. not thru Rick directly

2. When I done my payment thru VISA then as a lot of you know, HFC went silent and I can't contact them , to this moment.

3. Seeing Rick recent activity thru this sub, I contacted him. Rick explain to me that the time he wasn't an employee of HFC (Magnetic innovations) anymore, although he's the main inventor of HFC before . So the event of HFC massive 60% discount and disappear is not related to him.

4. But still he sent me his latest cable as a gift, I don't have to pay anything but shipping fee. And for me. that such a kind hearted action. So I recommend to do business with him directly, not thru any company like the last time., That's is of course, your purse feel comfortable.

So, happy listening you guys


@tranchautuan when you have an opportunity please write up a review of that new cable :-). I'm glad to hear there was a good ending to your story.


Rick has always treated me good. I am glad you got to deal with him one on one. What cable did you get?

Rick sent his RCA Apparition Pair but with red cable sleeve, they are much lighter and easy to arrange than the CT1 UR,

Out if the box it sound fantastic already, better than a well burn-in CT1, What I can describe is the cable add " realism" and "3D" to my already 3d Omega Alnico pair

The cable still need play time to breaking'in. 
I intend to apply the Q45T also but may be later. Weather in vietnam very humid so connector degrade quickly, so Q45T may be the cure  to the weekest chain

of the links.

Just notice Rick has discount Q45T for 250$ instead of 350$ per 5ml bottle now.

For my experience, this liquid will add more meat to the bone, music more filled in the room,... the more you apply it.  So this treatment will fit those desired the more beefy sound signature.

The downside is that I notice a slight loss in details, or just my mind playing with me when sound got fully filled, minor details  won't stand out like before.

I use the "newer" Pro formula which I have been told is newer over the Q45T, and NPS 1260. I just applied it to my new speaker cables.

I would describe the sound as more whole or rounded sounding. The music sounds more natural. I am impressed.



I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Apparition vs CT-1 UR (Ultimate Reference).

I currently use the UR. I previously had the CT-1, CT-1E and CT-1U. Then stopped at the UR and had them for almost 10 years now. I never went higher, so do not know how good the Helix and Double Helix were.

But Rick says the Apparition surpasses them all. And it’s light enough to hang free in the air now?

hi @agisthos ,

Sorry but I can't give you the detail review between the Apparition and CT-1 UR:\he time when i give the CT-1 UR and get back the Apparition is almost 2 years so memory can't serve right, it's also extremely hard to compare Rick magnet to other product as it take sometime to magnetize the system and also sometime to take out so A/Bing not possible,the time I applied Q45T and attached CT-1 UR almost the same (1 week apart) , so here my thought :

1) The housing of Apparition is much lighter than the metal of CT-1 UR, despite alot bigger, the wire seem like the same coaxial

2) The Apparition 3D printed RCA much looser than the Pinlok of CT1-UR, but I found no trouble so far

3) Soundwise I think they are extremely  related with Apparition have more bass and mid bass presence, detail level the same, no change of sound signature, I think the Q45T have greater effect, but keep in mind that my system may not fully exloit the differents for above reason, it's just a fullranger (omega) sit in a 8 s.q.m room. almost other cables are Rick's invention though.

I have 2 pairs of Ricks new cables in xlr and they crushed my Transparent Reference XL .Cleaner sounding more bass and more punch in the mid range.


What is the Pro formula? Is that a newer Q45t? Have not seen it out any where, where did you get it at?  What was the price?


As I remember, according to Rick, it was a newer version that was to be used more commercially with other manufacturer equipment. He asked if I would like to try that instead of the Q 45.

Maybe that product never got developed further, I like it though.



Thanks for the info, when i purchased the newer XLR interconnects from Rick he sent me a small bottle of the Q45 that had a similar but different label on it. I wonder if it is the pro stuff. Rick said it was a little different. I have not tried it yet still have a bottle of the Q 45 on hand. Will have to wipe it off the speaker cables and give the newer stuff a try.

I have an unopened bottle of Q45t sitting on my desk looking 4 a new home. It could be yours for $200 American money plus fees. Tom D