High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?


RicEVS has a new product for speaker cables

The EVS Speaker rf filters

According to Ric make the sound more musical and more detailed.  You hear more separation of instruments, more hall sound, more air, lowering of noise and lowering of edginess and distortion.   You hear more micro details....string resonances.....lips smacking.....more of the wood sound.  This is not subtle....you have not heard your system till you have filtered the noise coming down your speaker wires.  Even at low volumes you enjoy the music more......just more real.



I bought them years ago. I don't think they made a noticeable difference.


That is exactly what one would expect a magnetic addition/integration to a conductive pathway, to do. It is part why the rest of the industry avoided it for the past 30 plus years. Audio fanatics and cable manufactures have been playing with adding magnets in various ways, to audio cables, for literally decades. They all ended up letting it go. Too ’fi’ and not enough musicality. Different is not automatically better, it can be -- just... different.

OK name me one other example of a cable company that used magnets inline in the signal path? As far as I know there is none.

Yes plenty of companies have used rare earth magnets placed in the connectors to surround the wire with a magnetic field, and they have all been abandoned because they do not work well. HFC did not do this.



If your post is about the product that tweak1 is posting.....then you are confused.  The Music Purifiers (speaker rf filters) are a new product....just released in the last month.  I also sell Ground Enhancers....these have been available for 10 years or more.  They both produce good results....but the new Music Purifiers are way, way more powerful than the Ground Enhancers.....quite mind blowing for very little money.


I didn't express myself clearly. I didn't mean to say that I had boought that brand, just that I had bought and used rf filters attached to the speaker terminals by Electronic Visionary Systems I think. It was a long time ago. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I’m curious if customers ended up getting the product they paid for. Unfortunately there is a long history of small audio manufacturers taking orders they know they could not possibly deliver for one reason or another (usually bankruptcy). I’m not saying that’s the case with HF Cables.

It’s one thing for fortunes to change and a manufacturer be unable to deliver product after spending a customer funds. It’s another when a guy keeps accepting cash long after he knows he’s never fulfilling those orders, see Merlin Music. It’s ultimately tragic that Bobby committed suicide, but he burned a lot of people. If you're a friend of his or a family member that is of course irrelevant. However, if you’re a guy that gave him $10k of hard earned cash that he pocketed, I’m sure you’re pissed at having gotten burned.


High fidelity bought two new machine when they went on sale last year. I was shocked when they closed.i hope the money were return if orders not fulfilled.

CNC machines so they could make many of their own small parts. The machines were probably leased thru a 3rd party. Tom

I've noticed that HFC's website is no longer active , at least according to my search engine ? A shame , they were/are great cables . Repair work could now be an issue ?

I would think that by now most purchasers of the Hi-Fidelity products have been taken care of. I have not seen or read about anyone not getting the product or a refund.


@ozzy +1

Rick is a great guy and I've had excellent dealings with him. Whatever has happened I hope he gets it resolved because he makes fantastic cables.

High Fidelity Cables left a LOT of unfilled customer orders when they closed the doors.  Rick might be a wonderful designer, but he obviously is not a good business man - this is the second go-round, the first being Virtual Dynamics.  Maybe he is trying to catch Mark Levinson?

I met Rick in person very very nice guy And very passionate to his products, His q45 solutions does wonder, I hope Rick can post and say I refund and fulfilled all orders.Ozzy I agree , I only saw couple not receiving their orders.

I hope he pulls through and I hope you guys get your money and/or products. This whole thing makes me sad. I been to his shop maybe 25 times. 

He is just not a good business man.

Was talking to a distributor and he said this is Ricks second strike. He may need a real business advisor. 

But you have to keep taking shots to make shots. Michael Jordan.

I met Rick in person very very nice guy And very passionate to his products

As I understand it he is Canada. 

So why did he move out of the Country? To not be able to be sued? 


Rick is a Canadian citizen, was here on a work visa of some sort. Has full family living in Canada.

There are lot of people poking their noses into business that doesn't concern them.

You Nosey Parkers should be asking where the BLM money has gone and the trillions Biden printed disappeared to.

Rest assured if Rick hadn't made or isn't making good this forum and others would be awash with complaints and FFS he's in Canada not El Salvador or Panama.

People still want his contact enhancer and cables.

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People still want his contact enhancer and cables

They do? To lose more $$$

@vin99 As has been clarified before, the religious Ric and HFC Ric are two different people.

I did and he is wrong.

Said owner had his own rescue plan ..one for the purchase or lease of expensive cars, boat, trailer and a gucci truck to hall ass back to another country leaving some valued employees dry and partners stuck. Tom


Wrong.  The "religious Rick" with a k and HFC Rick are the same guy. I had several talks with him for the last 15 years. He is the former owner of Virtual Dynamics cables who had Bible psalms on his Stereophile ads. His company went belly up in 2011 then he moved from Canada to Texas where he opened High Fidelity cables. History repeating itself.

Ric from EVS is a different person.


Hey 99,


“What a pathetic lesson coming from a religious freak. Scary. Preach the word of god and stiff your brothers.”  From 99


Rick is a true believer in the Death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ so what makes him a religious freak? Where and when did he preach to you? Never!


I am then a RF also in your 💩 world.


Has he stiffed anyone out there?

@glory wait some will see these posts and state their HF status or lack their of. He did leave all his employees in Texas in the lurch and unpaid.

Lo or no class for sure.

Rick's creations were well-built and an outstanding use of technology. But he had a terrible business plan. How many $10,000 cables did he think he would sell? The more affordable products were very successful, it's evident in all the threads on different forums. 

My $1500 cable came in a Pelican Case, completely unnecessary and not good for business on his part. Maybe he was creating a mystique, HiFi for the upper financial tier. But to shut down the business without a word is so not cool. I don't see how he can be trusted in his next endeavor.


So @theaudiotweak what is the new flavor of cable lube? Rick is still making his liquid audio gold and selling it through on US outlet. Did you find a better cable elixir?



You’re not the only one to confuse RICK and RIC, who owns TweakAudio/EVS, who modifies a lot of kit as well as sells some tweaks

FYI, I bought Graphene Enhanced Contact Enhancer from Mad Scientist Audio, who has US distribution, but orders go through their www. I had a sample of RICKs Graphene Contact liquid, and they look and apply identically, BUT, a 2oz bottle from MSA is only $75!

I am amazed with the results


Yes, Cable Company has always distributed HFC products and now the Q45. What I'm wondering is the Mad Scientist contact enhancer a good copy or did Rick license his formula. I doubt the latter.

Lowrider57 NASAMAN Agoners has a good comparison post on the Mad Scientist and q45 enhancer. Check it out.

I found the Nano Flo product superior to others I have tried.

It was available for a short time before its maker decided to remove it from the market. I recognized its qualities and made a decision to buy twice as much that I needed to treat all external connections so I could also treat all internal connections.  Makes a great difference heard immediately and improves over days. Easiest and cleanest to apply. Hope this product comes back tto life and to the  forefront it deserves. Tom

This thread is too funny. This guy was a criminal and should be locked up. Unbelievable and people still think he was telling the truth, and that his cables were like the best ever. If that was the case, somebody would’ve picked up where he left off. He knew he had a good scam going, and then he ran out of money. That’s what they do then they pack up and leave and scam somebody else. They’re called gypsies. 

It appears that Rick Schultz is producing product again.  Apparition is his new cable.  Do a search on Audiogon listings.  They look pretty amazing!  I'm not sure his business model, etc...but I'm thrilled that he's still inventing new products!  

Wow! Can't the moderators take down his ad if he indeed scammed so many customers from his old company?

It is really difficult to believe anyone would send him any money. He has gone out of business twice and stiffed people each time. How many times do people need to be fooled to understand not to do business with him?

Has anyone actually lost money? He always treated me well. And from what I understand he made everybody's order(s) right, either with product or money.

Am I wrong?