High Quality Outlets Where to get them??

Hello everybody, we are building a house and its coming to the stage where were gonna put all the wiring in, I am already going to get a dedicated power line. But what about plugs. i need something better than the 59 cent ones. and i cant afford a PS audio plug for 50 bucks each. What about just hospital grade? Where can i find these online? Which ones to look for? Thanks
Skip the online deal - Home Depot, Lowes or any electrical supply house worth it's salt will have these items on the shelf. I bet even a True Vlue would order them in in a couple of days. Be sure though to check that each device has a prominent green dot on it - this tells you that it is NEMA-approved UL hospital grade. Expect to pay between $7 and $12 for each device.

While you're wiring be sure to consider whole house surge protection on you panel ... takes up one breaker position. It doesn't releive you of the need for additional protection of very sensitive devices ... but can take a huge amount of load from your point of use supression devices.

Congrats on the new house and good luck with it.
Try percyaudio.com, I know he has some but I'm not sure what they cost. Otherwise, try an electrician supply house, they should be able to get them.
Considering what an inexpensive upgrade a dedicated line with really good quality outlets will prove to be spending a little here is a great investment. Having said that make sure that you have your electrician run a copper ground rod to your dedicated line. If you can get him to run 6 gauge wire from the outlet to the rod you will be impressed. If the ground rod is exposed to the elements such as a sprinkler system so that the ground can be wet that is even better.
Home Depot has Eagle plugs for about $8.00 that are decent. The top Hubbell plugs are about $21.00 and then you have the High end plugs. I happen to really like the Electraglide outlets which are 24 K gold plated, Sound Application has some very good ones I hear, as does Kimber.
Good Luck!
I agree with the suggestions above, and would add that Pass and Seymour hospital grade outlet plugs are very good and are available at typical electrical supply stores for $8-10. ea., and audiophile grade Hubbell outlets are available from The Cable Co. at www.fatwyre.com for about two for $25. Cheers. Craig.
You can get the Arrow-Hart(the best budget units) outlets at Music Direct for a reasonable price or the PS Audio Power Port units for about $50 which still seems to be a good value considering what goes into making one. Check out the Ps audio web site it has a lot of info on this topic.
Do a search in the Cable Asylum archives as there have been TONS of threads on this subject. There is a specific Pass & Seymour that seems to be the hands down winner in terms of "budget" receptacles. The next step seems to be an Acme unit.

Keep in mind that whatever unit you go with, you want to use the screw down terminals and not the slip in compression terminals in the back of the outlet. The screws should have a larger contact area and offer a lower resistance / more secure connection for long term use. Sean
Thats one of the problems, believe it or not we dont have a home depot or lowes. Nothing.. We are Getting a home depot but thats a while off. I guess i will take a look at the other hardware stores around and see what i can fine. And then look online. I dunno if i can get the Seperate ground too but at least i will have a seperate power supply. Thanks
Check out Acme Audio. I have his outlet and have been very happy. You can run a search at audioasylum under tweaks to read more.
If you look in your local Yellow Pages under Electrical Suppliers, you can make a few phone calls and find who locally stocks Hubbell. I bought mine here in Dallas at a commercial supply house for $15.50 ea. I simply called, told them I need a whole box (10 pieces) and ask what was the best price.

When I arrived to pick them up they never ask if I was an electrician or any other questions, just how did I wish to pay. It's worth a try, your local electricians have to have a place to pick up supplies as they work, they cant all be ordering and waiting while the job sits unfinished.
I will second Maxgain's suggestion on the Arrow Hart. I would suggest the AH 8200 unless you need 20 amp outlets. In my experience, at around $8 U.S., they are a better performer than the Hubbell 8300 I used (although the Hubbell is also pretty decent)which costs 2-2.5x more, and much better than the P&S 5262 for around the same price or a little less. Definitely the king of the budget receptacles. You'll need to shop around at electrical supply or wholesalers-just check the yellow pages.
You can get either the Pass & Seymour or Acme outlets from diycable.com. The standard P&S is around 9$, the Acme outlets start at 25$ for the standard silver plated P&S 15 amp outlet. I replaced some Bryant (a division of Hubbell) hospital grade outlets with the 20 amp Acme outlets and I'm quite pleased with the improvements they made in my system. If you get the Acme outlets they will take a long time to run in, and the sound will vary (for better or worse) from one day to the next until they finely settle in.
I recently replaced all the outlets (6) on my audio circuit with Acme cryogenically treated outlets and they were an incredible upgrade. I don't know if the cryo treatment is important or not but they sure sound good. They provided a MAJOR lowering of noise in my system. I do not have a dedicated line. $35/outlet.