Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?

As just another way to build a loudspeaker system why such disputes in forums when horns are mentioned?    They can solve many issues that plague standard designs but with all things have there own.  So why such hate?  As a loudspeaker designer I work with and can appreciate all transducer and loudspeaker types and I understand that we all have different needs budgets experiences tastes biases.  But if you dare suggest horns so many have a problem with that suggestion..why?

 Gramophone stores in Maryland recently added Klipsch Heritage and had a few models set up for demo. Nice add!

As I mentioned above, I recently heard Klipsch Forte and Heresy 3 models there.   Both passed with flying colors for me.   Heresy 3 are perhaps the lowest cost horns I have heard that I could live with.   
Acapella, Westlake, Avantgarde to name a few. Magicio Ultimate if you have 600k lying around.
A few off the top off my head that offer horn systems at all price ranges. Cogent, GPA, Volti, CAR, BDesigns,Azura, AudioKinesis,Avantgarde,Klipsch,Autotech,GOTO, OceanWay,Acapella,VIVA,OMA,Tune Audio,JBL,Simon Mears,Vitavox,Living Voice,Vienna Physix,Cerwin Vega,Fostex,Cessaro,Zingali,Magico,Tannoy,Opera lots of others many pro models that can be used in home systems like Danleys. A good num of custom builders. Still many into horns DIY or mod vintage. On ebay and craigslist many old PA and vintage horns about for extremely low prices that with a few mods can near equal the costly horns. As far as audioshops not stocking horn models I find it difficult to find shops that cater to tubes let alone specialty audio like a horn. And while I love my local shop they just end up ordering what I want from the PC as we chat. What most stock is safe bet sales generic major name brand audio and I cant blame them with today's online markets.
@mapman I was very pleasantly surprised by the Heresy 3. I could live with those.
I also was pleasantly surprised by the Heresy IIIs. I took a pair home at the insistence of a dealer who shares my taste in most gear. I expected to hate them due to my experience with some Best Buy models years ago. However, they’re nothing like the cheap tower models. The Heresys manage low-volume dynamics better than all other relatively affordable speakers I’ve heard, many of which approached $5K. In most other respects they easily hold their own at their price point.