How can I find out more about Zu Audio Omen Def Supreme

Hi Audiogon members,

I have written recently asking about my issues in a move to a larger listening room. Many of you were helpful and with the addition of rugs and wall art as well changes to speaker position, I am much happier. However, I am still considering bigger speakers than my current KLH Model 5s. 

Top among the speakers I am interested in are the new Zu Audio Omen Def Supreme. But I simply cannot find reviews. The internet is silent about these speakers! Does anyone here have experience with them - especially for a largish listening room?

Also considering the Dynaudio Evoke 50s so please chime in if you have them!

Thanks, Nadine


I have the regular Zu Omen Defs and there's another member that has a pair but I can't for the life of me remember his name right now :-( I'm no reviewer but I can tell you a little bit about them. They are very clean and clear sounding.Very detailed and can play very loudly without strain.Live recordings are thrilling,it's almost like being there IMHO.The caveat is poor recordings have nowhere to hide,if that kind of thing bothers you.An example is recordings that were meant for radio play having one instrument or vocal overwhelming and out of balance.To me it's like being in a club and one of the mics or amps is turned up a leeetle too loud,but still really enjoyable.

I power them by ss (summer) tubes (winter) and listen to mostly blues and rock,both acoustic and electric. The nuances I can hear are why I really like them - breaths,fingers moving on the strings or clacking valves,feet tapping, the ambient sounds in the room, all of the layers.Dimensionality and realism is what I'm attempting to convey (poorly). I have a medium sized room so the soundstage is not deep but it is wall to wall.I hope this helps you out a little bit.

@jtcf That is actually really really helpful. I just wanted to talk to someone else who has them (or a close likeness) before shelling out. Because I really only have one shot at this. 

I live in a really little town so cannot easily listen to speakers in show rooms. And, as you know, Zu doesn't have show room so reviews and feedback are more important. 

Thanks again. Nadine

Kinda funny 3 out of the 4 local impulse buys on amps/speakers/subs I’ve bought 2 of the owners had Zu speakers and the 3rd had just moved on to Klipsch Cornwall 4. Those Cornwalls were pretty sweet. Didn’t get a chance to hear any of the Zu s. 

@atanarjuat99 ​I live in a very small town also, so I get it.Something large that is a royal pain to ship back if  it's not right for you is cause for anxiety. Good luck as you're making a decision :-)