How do I get the case off of an Audiolab 8000T?

I have taken the 2 screws off of each side, but there is something near the front holding the case on in the middle and I can't see what it is. Any ideas?
Iceman, I found a little info that may help you out. Type "Audiolab 8000T faceplate bulbs" into the search bar in the forum. Good luck!
Hello and I know how you feel. The problem in removing the top is not screwa. Along the front edge where the top meets the front of the tuner -, there is a gasket that has not been removed for such a long time, that it has stuck the top to the ridge of the front. After you have removed all the screws that hold the top in place, you must lift the top from the back. Apply enough pressure so that you can see into the top of the unit. Take a very long regular screw driver and very carefully stick the screw driver head between the underside of the cover and the ridge that it lays on and start prying the top away from the top of the front. After you have it started, the gasket will start to give and as you move the screw driver across the front, the top gasket will give way and the top will pop away and you will be in like Flenn. No screws holding the top, only a sticky gasket. My first post, but I think a useful one dratroutman