I've searched everywhere and there are lots of people discussing contact cleaning but no one mentions the dusty dirty jackets especially on fabric jacketed cables like Audioquest etc. I used a hand vacuum cleaner with an edge attachment, cut a radius notch in the end, then used painters tape on the edges to prevent staging the threads of the fabric. As I re install the cables, I'm considering expandable loom to protect them from dust in the future. Loom is inexpensive and disposable. Anyone else have a better idea?
With three years of dust, I don’t believe a lint roller would do the trick, especially with dust below the top fibers. A damp microfiber could turn dust into mud. Fabric cable jackets being very porous dust or mud might get left behind. Good ideas though.
any other ideas?
Well there's always the washing machine. Delicates cycle. Line dry.

Seriously, I would remove the brush, use the crevice tool, and vacuum. Then if you want it to look nice use a fine quality brush like for shoe polishing, or the vacuum brush attachment, and everyone's favorite long smooth strokes to finish it off.
The attachment I used was the crevice tool. Having an angled edge worked well. Using a Dremel, I cut a half circle big enough for the largest cable. Using a finger to bridge over the tools end I could draw the cable through. Worked pretty good. I was hoping someone had a better idea.
How about compressed air, if you have an air compressor available. Canned air wouldn’t be enough, in my opinion.
There’s a great idea! I’ve always wanted an air compressor... lol
Much more effective than the vacuum cleaner, and has so many more uses! Time to go to Harbor Freight before I put the whole thing back together as soon as my amp gets back from service. The right channel just went out on my Anthem P5.
That's what I said. Oldschool1 was talking about mud? Time to change the furnace filters?

As I have discovered, this is why homemade or reasonably priced cable lifters are very useful..