How long....Silver....How Long?

I bought an Analysis Plus Silver Ovals speaker cables( used). Right now, I have it connected for 24 hrs. straight playing music. The sound is okay but not impressive, it's a little bit harsh still. From one of the posting that I made, a member commented that for silver, it takes longer to "break in" the cables. My question is as follows:
1. For used cables(such as mine), does expected break in periods still apply?
2. Roughly, how long should I wait until the cables shows its natural sound? Or at least a hint of it.
3. Is it premature to say that the cable is not a good match in my system?

all comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

To: G_m_c

My system :

Martin Logan Ascent
Threshold Stasis S500 Series II (250wpc)
MSB gold Link DAC
Sony CDP CX300 with AES/EBU conversion
Nordost Blue Heaven Interconnects

If the person you bought the cables from had them disconnected from their system for a few weeks, I would start the break-in process all over again. 24 hours ain't nothing for silver. Talk to us after 400 hrs. (although you should hear improvement after 200 hrs.) I know this sounds ridiculously long, but my Audio Magic Stealth took that long to break in, because of the nature of silver. It's dreamy now. I don't know if I'm comparing apples to oranges, but I'm just going by the nature of silver, and the inherent need for very long breakin times.
For used cables;they should sound great within an hr. or so. I would guess you need to try another cable brand or type.---I see lots of Cardas Golden Ref for sale, that should work well. You might also do a thread for your speakers; and "what" speaker wire.
You might want to make sure that the cables are oriented in the proper dircection.

You should also give them a good week to settle in.

Some silver can be a bit lean/harsh with a ss amp.

good luck, I hope they settle down.
I used silver with my tube amp with some success but really never preferred them to copper or hybrids. They tend to be bright to my ears and even when burned in (cooked) as they say only with the warmth of a tube amp do they sound acceptable to my taste. When left without use they go back to the uncooked stage and take longer to come back to the sound I like. At least this is IMHO.
Good God cables do not revert back when they have not been used. Once broken in they are brooken in.
I've seen posts from Bob Crump in the past on this--his point is that if the cables were shipped via air, there would be a static electricity buildup which could affect the performance and require a bit of break-in. He suggested spraying them with an anti-static spray and let 'em cook a couple of days. Don't know if that applies in this case, but thought I'd mention it.