How to check a speaker is Genuine or Fake


A guy is selling a pair of Klipsch RP-280FA @ $700. I never used Klipsch before. How to can check the pair is genuine or not?

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Yeah, that's fine. Thanks. I was not familiar with their counterfeiting protection services.
I highly doubt anyone finds it worthwhile to counterfeit entry level Klipsch speakers.
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As well as I remember, the fake brand that was sold from the white van was Kirsch. Obviously to fool people that didn't know the correct spelling for Klipsch.

Hy Kosst, Before posting this I surfed the forum and can't found a solution to my question. I don't think there's a similar thread anywhere.

Bjesien, The speaker box is in 7/10 condition.
Klipsch puts their big-box lines on sale frequently, finding those for 25%-50% off new isn’t unheard of.  The price seems in line for for a used pair would cost.  If buying in person just take a good look at them first, if they look real they al ost certainly are, I can’t imagine there’d be much of a business case for building convincing Klipsch RP fakes. 

If you’re buying online and having them shipped just pay with PayPal (and request an invoice to do it officially vs the ‘send money as a friend’ option) and if they arrive and look janky you can dispute it and will be protected. 

The RP-280FA are not really "entry" level but not TOL either.  They are a "fancier" version of the RP-280F with real wood veneer and an up firing Atmos module built in.  They are actually quite nice speakers.  I also doubt they have been counterfeited but examine thoroughly before buying.  They are currently being sold for $799.00 EACH so your deal may just be a good one.


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05-31-2018 12:25pm
It's possible that fake speakers would be so rare that they're worth more.
Like my Boose 901's ?
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