How to defeat Pioneer DV-58AV auto power shut-off?

I am currently using a modified Pioneer DV-58AV Universal Player. Modded Player has balanced 2 channel Digital, and
same Analog Outputs. My current system utilizes a lot of Tubes ( Especially rectifying Tubes ) requiring extensive warm up periods. Start-up sequence includes DV-58AV, which shuts down within 10 minutes after it's start-up without use. Tried leaving drawer out- 10 minutes later drawer automatically shuts, and player promptly shuts down. This
drives my Tubed DAC nuts! Typically I let my System warm up for 30 minutes. Is there a way to defeat auto power shut off
after non-use on Pioneer DV-58AV???
I use a tube preamplifier and tube power amplifiers, but have only powered down my CD deck less than a dozen times in the past decade (when system changes/maintenance were performed).

Not familiar with your player, but mine has so many power supplies I figured it's best to keep it powered up 7/24/365 (and it's performed w/o a hitch since purchased in 2001, or so).

I also keep our Sharp mini system powered up 7/24/365 as it takes 3-4 days (from a cold start) to sound half way normal (a week plus is more like it).

Both the CAL/CD and the Sharp/Mini draw very little current @ idle (unoticable on our power bill) so I consider these little crosses OK as we do conserve energy use in many other ways, on a whole.

Leave the CD deck powered up for a week and see if you notice an overall difference/improvement in the sound quality.
I have the same thing with my XTZ CD-100. My thinking was this happened because the XTZ uses a modified DVD drive and not a CD only drive and this type of shut-off behavior was more of a dvd player thing. Can you just turn on your Pioneer player 25 minutes after you power up your other equipment?

Why don't you just leave any old disc in it and hit play after you power it up. When the rest of the system is warmed up you'll be good to go.
+1 like to Jjrenman.
Power tubes worm up to its normal offset within 10min Preamp or driving tubes worm up within less so no need to wait for half-hour before listening.
How your player 'drives nuts' your DAC you didn't provide details. Is thump or click heard from your speakers??

Your player shuts down I believe to stand by mode. the only way is to keep it playing on repeat mode if there such with muted rest of components when you don't wish to listen.

I didn't get what Decay said and what components are tube or not and what components are on or off 365/24... One lucky won't ever mean someone else's luck. Tubes tend to blow and take away other circuit components including setting some fireworks and smokes. ALWAYS TURN OFF TUBE ELECTRONICS WHEN YOU'RE NOT HOME OR SLEEPING!!! Becides, do some arithmetics and multiply years*days*hours*kwh used*$ then subtract the presumed number of listened hours(you may add some worm up time) to get an idea how much money Decay already waisted.
All of Dekay's small signal tube components may draw upto 100W of total power so one may or maynot notice the waste of money indeed.
I also keep our Sharp mini system powered up 7/24/365 as it takes 3-4 days (from a cold start) to sound half way normal (a week plus is more like it).
Does that mean that within a week it gets to desired temperature and a day before the temperature is obviously lower?
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Interesting. I have never come up against that issue with any of the many players that I have used.
Thanks for the inputs. Strictly using DV-58AV to playback 2 Channel CD, SACD, and High Res. DVD-Audio MLP. Strictly using it for Audio Disks, and connected to Audio System only. Do not have DV-58AV HDMI connected to TV. I am not controlling DV-58AV thru TV/HDMI. Strictly controlling DV-58AV thru remote, and front panel. Connected DV-58AV to TV once only to set configuration. Disconnected it, and used the unit for strictly Audio only ( Utilizing Blue-Ray Player for Video ). DV-58AV makes a decent CD Transport to my DAC, decent SACD playback, and exceptional High Res. DVD Audio MLP Disk playback. Downmix of multi-channel 24/96 to 2 Channels the best digital I have ever heard. Damn shame about MLP Disks. Going to have to wait a long time to have the same available as Downloaded Music Files- perhaps someday multi-channel high res. downloads??? One can only hope. Unit shutting off throws the digital lock on my Tubed
DAC off. I am fearful this Units shut down could possibly damage DAC. Possible/not possible- I don't know.

The CAL Icon MKII is a Solid State CD deck and the Sharp SD-EX111 is a SS all-in-one tuner/CD deck/integrated amplifier that's smaller than a shoe box.

I find it best to keep SS digital gear powered up all the time, but I do not leave CD's in the decks (when they are not in use) as the lasers seem to stay on when I do .

The Sharp was marketed as having a "one bit digital amplifier section" and for what it's worth the unit generates almost zero heat when left powered up 7/24.

All the electronics are surge protected and I never leave tube gear on when it's not in use.

The Sharp system sounds less dynamic and less detailed when it is not left on all the time, and yes it takes almost a week of being powered up (from a cold start) to sound its best.

The Sharp system is used daily to play opera and other classical music for one of our elderly cats.

Our Southern California Edison bill averages $20/month (ditched A/C for ceiling fans 20+ years ago), which means we are doing something right.
DAC is safe. E-mailed Pioneer Service Center. They claim the same, that non-use auto shut off is not defeatable.
Pain in the ____ though!