How to listen to the Beatles re-releases?

There have been some stupid questions asked on these forums over the years, and several of those stupid questions have come from me. Perhaps here's another one for the ages...

I'm 38 and have never really listened to the Beatles catalog. I own "Peppers", "Rubber Soul" and "Abby Road" on vinyl, plus "Love", but wouldn't say I'm as familiar with their body of work as I am with, say, R.E.M (they were "my" band during my high-school and college years).

However, I've pre-ordered both the stereo and mono Beatles re-releases. What's the best way to re-introduce myself to the genius of the "fab four"?

Should I sit down and work my way through their collection chronologically? Is there a good companion book to read through while I listen? Should I listen to an album over-and-over until I really "get it" before moving on to the next? Both mono and stereo?

There are albums that I pick up and think "Wow...It would have been awesome to listen to this the first day it was released." Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors". CCR's "Willy...". Rush's "Moving Pictures". Etc. The excitement of the release. The cultural and musical context. The significance. I'll never be able to experience that with the Beatles, and I'd like to put myself in a place (mentally) to really listen to the Beatles for the first time (again).

Does this make sense? Blast away. I figure I couple of people will understand what I'm asking and have some thoughtful suggestions.
I've been listening to on my rig all evening.


Pure heaven.......


Unfortunately, that program on Macca radio just ended at 12:00 am 9/12.

I'm sure the remasters will pop up again here and on other Beatles-friendly internet stations...keep an eye and ear out.
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Since humans first banged sticks on logs no 4 people have had a greater influence on music.
it seems the u fn audio guys have been twiddlin your knobs too long. just listen to the discs , can u really complain. 90% of u cant do your job 10% as good as the remasters were done. i spent thousands on uk mono press lps and for $200 i got 99%. my ex herd the diff. in the car and shes half deaf in one eye. i u like the beatles you WILL like this stuff mono or stereo. i had 5 people listen to the stereo set with the mono switch on and not one said a word. HI FI is just to play the music back not to make your dik bigger
"HI FI is just to play the music back not to make your dik bigger"

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I agree with him!
All that equipment!!! A waste of money!!! I should have known there wasn't any size difference even after I used NOS tubes.