How to setup music server to mid monos

Forgive my ignorance. I’ve read a ton on this topic and just seem to get more confused. 

I would like to use my computer as a music server to play digital files to my mid monos. I have full house cat5e.  I would like to be able to control the music server from my phone as the computer is in a different room. Blue tooth likely wouldn’t work due to distance. So control via the network. 

the digital files will be a mix of high quality studio and lower quality live recordings  

I have the following:

counterpoint pre amp

mid monos 

heresy Iv (purchasing soon)

outside speakers (some all weather JbL) 


what extra component and software do I need? A standalone DAC?

my budget for a component would be $1000 or less. If I need a DAC, I understand that for high quality I likely need to spend significantly more  if I like the setup, I may upgrade in future. So for now, good enough is good enough  😊 


thanks for the help!



You need a streamer with an app for a phone remote.

And a DAC if it doesn't have one.

You at least need a DAC to play the files in any semblance of quality.

It sounds like you are using a program for play on the computer.

I'm not aware of any that have a sister app for a smartphone.


setup roon on your computer this will enable you to control the dac or streamer to control everything

you can then select any usb dac

then add a powernode to play jbls roon will allow you to control everything from your phone


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