How would you describe the sound of Luxman vs. McIntosh SS integrateds

I have a McIntosh MA7900.  I have thought of selling it and going to Luxman for purely irrational reasons.  For those who know, how would you compare the sound of the Mac to the solid state Luxman integrateds?
OP, I sure hope someone with real-world experience responds to your excellent query.  I, too, am curious.
OP: Back when I was looking to change my integrated amp, I listened extensively to several McIntosh and Luxman models. On the McIntosh side of the house, I auditioned MA252, MA352 (at Magnolia), MA8000 at a local seller’s house, and MAC6700 at another seller’s. As for Luxman, I listened to 550AX and 590AXII (both class A up to a certain number of watts), and 507 and 509X (both class AB) at a dealer.

Personally, I preferred the Luxman sound, especially their class A models, and ended up buying the 590AXII. Compared to the McIntosh (at least the models I auditioned), the Luxman tilts towards neutral with just a hint of sweetness, is more transparent, better detail retrieval, has better higher frequency extension, and a slightly wider soundstage. I could hear more details and more instrument separation.

McIntosh had a more muscular sound, perhaps a touch too dark for my taste, but I felt that it had better presence in the mid bass area. I also liked the somewhat taller imaging and a more lush and full sound.

I will say that although I preferred the Luxman, but it was not by a huge margin by any means. Honestly, I could have been equally happy with the McIntosh.
Luxman class A's are outstanding and punch far above their power rating. Over the years, I have really wanted to own Mac; however, there was always something missing. I prefer the Luxman sound. To my ears, it's not close at all. If you need the power, the Mac is the obvious choice. 
Thanks for your comments. Can you kindly elaborate on what you mean by "there was always something missing?"

If you can articulate the specifics, that would be quite helpful.