I can't be the only Cary Audio DMS-600 user experiencing this problem streaming Qobuz ...

While streaming Qobuz through my Cary Audio DMS-600 utilizing the Streamer 2.0 iOs app, songs intermittently stop mid-stream and jump to the next track.  I have discussed this with the good folks at Cary and they told me to sign out of Qobuz everywhere else I am logged in (i.e., my iPad, my Cocktail Audio X14 and/or my iPhone) depending which way I am controlling the DMS-600.  To no avail, songs still stop mid-play and skip to the next track.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what have you done to "fix" the problem?
It’s not your Cary it’s probably Qobuz. I think that they going through some growing pains. They recently opened up many new market’s. Saturday I couldn’t even sign into a new tablet. No go, trying many pswd changes. Sundsy it was fine.
Good luck contacting support.
If aggravating, play local tracks or radio.
I've been having high def streaming problems with both Qobuz and Primephonic. Sometimes I get high-def. Sometimes not.  Sometimes, like you, they'll cut out midstream and jump to next track. Everybody's been passing the buck when I've tried to nail down who might be to blame.  The streaming source, my internet provider and my streamer hardware manufacturer...all have pointed fingers at the other. Bottom line, I guess the tech has yet to be fully worked through in the streaming universe.
I would agree it's Qobuz.  I got a month free trial, and on a Node 2i, I get the same thing.  Amazon HD works perfectly.  I will be dropping Qobuz at the end of the trial.
I would agree it's Qobuz. I got a month free trial, and on a Node 2i, I get the same thing.
There are many things that can derail an audio stream and the vendor's servers are only one of them. FWIW, of the issues I've had streaming Qobuz (over more than a year) none of them were attributable to Qobuz itself.
Qobuz was solid until recently and will be again. I'm not worried enough to switch to inferior SQ.
I have mucj other music to enjoy.
+1 @jond . No issues here either. 

I was having dropouts and the Qobuz stream pausing when I first signed up (one year ago). Turns out it was a problem with Bluesound. As @cleeds 
advised, there are many links in the chain.

I also stream Qobuz on my Aurender N20 Music Server and have no issues. I suggest you reboot your Modem, Router and ALL other devices to see if that helps.

If you songs still stop mid-play and skip to the next track, you need to do more investigation. Is this happening on all albums or just a few? What are the playing conditions when a song stops and goes to the next track? Is it 1 out of a 100 albums? What is the frequency of this stop and skip occurrence? You above post implies your Cary Audio DMS-600 is not at fault. I suggest you email QoBuz and ask them. I doubt Qobuz is causing this but you have to ask them.

Please also log out of QoBuz and sign back in.  

I hope others on this Forum have some additional suggestions.

I have tried in the past these and suggestions offered in several of the responses. I tried something different over the past several days and have been playing Qobuz through Roon (as the DMS-600 is Roon Ready). I have not experienced a drop or skip while playing this way. Perhaps there is some glitch in Cary’s software that doesn’t play well with Qobuz. Now, I need to decide whether to continue with Roon after the free trial expires in a week or so, or consider an alternative to the Cary.
I have a DMS-600 and ever since they came out with the Cary Streamer 2.0 app, I am having all sorts of problems.  I primarily stream Tidal and Spotify.  I have reset everything multiple times with no luck.  My internet connection is rock solid.  Some days I have to log out and relog in to Tidal/Spotify in order to use the app.  Then the music will stop after a period of time, 40 minutes, 1 hour, 1-1/2 hours, etc... There is no specific time period.  I have even lost total control after playing the unit for 2 hours and had to reset the unit again.  For 3 years, I have had no problems whatsoever.  Cary develops a new app and all I have is problems.  Cary even admits they are not an IT expert, so they cannot provide any guidance when it comes to modems etc..  It is very frustrating and I am thinking of buying another brand of music streamer if I cannot solve the problem.  Cary is giving me suggestions, but that is all they are able/willing to do.  It is not their problem and I have been told that I am the only person having this problem.
@vpm, It sounds like the new Cary App is causing these streaming issues and I am surprised they have not been able to help. I still do not understand why you and only one other person are having these issues using the Cary Audio DMS-600. You would think many more Cary users would have these issues. It sounds like the issue is caused by the Cary Streamer 2.0 app and I suggest you contact them again for assistance.

Please also double check the settings in the Streamer 2.0 app to ensure everything is set correctly. Something might of been changed during the update.

IMPORTANT-1: I also found these instructions on the Cary website:

"Updating Firmware
These are big changes to the firmware. After you have successfully updated the firmware, it is highly recommended to then do a Factory Reset from the handheld IR remote (Menu>>Reset). Once the factory reset is complete and your unit has booted up, pull the power cord and leave it UNPLUGGED for 5 minutes. Plug it back in and wait 2 minutes before turning the unit on again.

NOTE: You will have to reconnect to Wi-Fi (if you use Wi-Fi instead of ethernet) and your music streaming services. Additionally, any USB, SD, or PC Share drives will need to rescan".

VERY IMPORTANT-2:  "After you have done the update and Factory Reset of your DMS/AiOS, completely DELETE the Cary Streamer app from your phone or tablet then download the latest app called Cary Streamer 2.0. This new app REQUIRES you have location service turned on while using the app".

I also suggest you contact the Retailer where you purchased your Cary Audio DMS-600. I am hoping they can help.

Many years ago, I also had similar streaming issues and it was caused my Linksys router. The Linksys software/firmware had an issue and was dropping packets. It was a known issue and they were working on a solution. In any case, I replaced my router and my streaming worked perfectly. In your case, I do not know if the router is the cause but it might be worth some investigation.
Any updates on the Cary Audio DMS-600 streaming issues?   Were you able to get it to work?   Please keep us posted.  Thanks......
The problem still exists.  Everything you have mentioned has been recommended by the engineers at Cary Audio.  The latest is I removed the apps from my 2 controllers, I completely reset my router/modem/gateway; Zyxel Model # EMG3415-B10A, my 16 port gigabit switch, and my access point.  I then went into my DMS-600 and reset the network settings, then performed a factory rest.  Unplugged the unit after boot up for 5 minutes.  Replugged in and waited 2 minutes to power up.  Then only reinstalled the Cary App on my I-Phone 8 as it has the latest software version at 14.5.1.  Everything played fine for 2 days and then on the 3rd day Tidal stopped after 32 minutes and then stopped another hour later. 

The Cary Engineers performed their test on a DMS-600 with my log in information to Spotify and did not experience any problems.  My problem is primarily with Tidal.
So where does that leave me.  Cary sells their products direct in the US so I have to deal with the Sales Manager directly.  He found a Technical support article on the Cambridge Audio website which suggests establishing a Static IP address specifically for the DMS-600 to the Cloudflare public DNS server.  This is offered only as a suggestion and not a confirmed resolution.
My problem is I am having a problem finding an IT guy to help me test this change in my ISP's supplied Gateway/Router/Modem.  It can be done, but the Cincinnati Bell Service Technician that came out last week does not know how to do it.  My AV dealer wants me to purchase a new Luxul XWR3150 router for $425 and then just use the ISP Zyxel unit as a modem.  They would do the installation and set up, but they are not guaranteeing me a resolution with Tidal either.
If anyone has experience with the Zyxel EMG3415-B10A unit and can help me, please reply.  I have gone through the 200 page owner's manual multiple times, and while I am getting close, I am still stumped in one key area of where to input the CloudFlare information.  I have the admin password and can make the changes to my current unit, but the way the information is displayed, it is not as easy to follow as on some other routers.
The suggested solution is by going through a public DNS server, it will be quicker than the ISP servers and the information packets from Tidal would be processed quicker.  Tidal plays fine on my Sonos S2 app, so I still think it is the Cary 2.0 app.  I asked is upgrading to the DMS-700 would help, or if DMS-700 customers were having this problem, but was told by the Sales Manager that he did not feel upgrading would help in my situation.  He never really answered my questions.  All I can still say is I had no problems whatsoever for 3 years until Cary changed to the 2.0 Streamer App.
This makes no sense. You said “Everything played fine for 2 days and then on the 3rd day Tidal stopped after 32 minutes and then stopped another hour later”. Why does it play perfectly for 2 days and then stop on the next day?

Since it worked on the previous version, and not the Cary 2.0 App, implies the issue is with the 2.0 version. However, since it worked for 2 days, and then not work the next is a concern. When software works, it ‘usually’ works all the time and not for 2 days and then not. I have no clue what could be causing this. I am also surprised that Cary cannot help solve the issue.

Is it possible your router sometimes has failures that is causing the issue? Can you borrow another router and test it? BTW, several years ago, I was using an Apple Extreme router that sometimes had streaming issues. I replaced it with a Luxul 3100 router and everything worked.

I am not a fan of using the suggested solution of going through a public DNS server.

I hope someone else can solve this issue. Help?

Is it possible you are having Router intermittent connection drops?  I found these suggestions by searching the Internet. 

“Random disconnect problems are generally hard to pin down because there are so many variables to consider in both your ISP’s network and the router you use. The main way to attack the problem is with good old disciplined troubleshooting techniques and lots of patience. We don’t have a sure-fire fix for you, but these troubleshooting tips should help:

  1. As much as it’s a pain, get the router out of the loop and see if you have the problem with just one computer attached directly to the Cable or DSL modem. If you still have the problem, at least you’ll only get the run-around from your ISP!
  2. If the problem goes away without the router, reconnect the router and upgrade your firmware to the latest revision. This is usually available from the router manufacturer’s support website.
  3. While you have a normal connection, log into the router admin pages, and take a screen shot of the Status page, or at least write down the WAN IP, Gateway, and Primary and Secondary DNSinformation. Save this in a handy place next to the router”.

Please also check to see if your router firmware needs to be updated. Please keep us posted.

NOTE: I like the above suggestion to bypass the router and see what happen.

After some more thought, I strongly suggest you connect your Cary Audio DMS-600 direct to your modem and bypass your router.

Please also check to see if your router firmware needs to be updated.

This test will either confirm your router is working okay OR is the cause of your Tidal streaming dropouts.

If the router proves to be okay, you probably need to look at the Carry 2.0 App.

Please keep us posted. Thanks.
Thank you for your suggestions.  The Zxyel EMG3415-B10A is a combination modem/router/gateway provided by Cincinnati Bell Fioptics. My connection is fine.  If I was having dropouts it would affect all of my connections throughout my home and that is not the case.  The Fioptics technician was more than willing to give me a new Zxyel unit, but since I have an isolated problem with only one piece of equipment, it was determined that replacing this unit would not solve my problem.  To reiterate, I have no dropouts when streaming music from my other receivers/devices throughout my home.  That includes streaming Tidal from my Sonos S2 app.
But complaining is not solving the problem so through my local A/V dealer, I have ordered the XWR-3150 Luxul router, and a new Luxul XGS-1024S 24 port gigabit switch.  We will only use the Zxyel unit as a modem.  The Luxul router will control everything else.  In addition to installing these new devices, signal strength measurements will be taken throughout my home and I might add an additional access point in my lower level where my stereo is located to enhance my already acceptable wireless signal.  I already employ a Luxul XAP-1510 access point in the center of my main floor.  Over 2 floors, I am covering approx. 4,000 square feet. 

My whole house is hardwired for ethernet so I am only using a couple of ancillary devices as controllers for the Sonos and Cary apps.  At the suggestion of Cary Audio, I even removed the 2 Wi-fi antennas from the DMS-600 and only use Bluetooth..
So hopefully within the next month when the A/V technician becomes available, I will enhance my Ethernet and Wi-fi coverage throughout my home.  If spending over $1,000 to address this problem does not solve it, at least I will have a better internet/Wi-fi experience moving forward and it will provide me with new ammunition to go back to Cary Audio and tell them they have a problem with their 2.0 streaming app.  No more excuses from Cary as I have addressed what they consider to be a network problem on my end.  Of course none of these manufacturers ever accept responsibility for anything.  It is always the customer's fault.  Well I am putting my money where my mouth is and I will hope for the best.  I will provide an update in the future. Thank you for your continued interest and help.
One last comment:  When I perform a factory reset on the DMS-600, I cannot figure out why it works fine for a day or two and then keeps stopping periodically.  When streaming Tidal, my streamer continues to stop after the first 30 minutes and then another hour later and so on.  This has occurred every time I stream Tidal from this unit since the last reset.  Spotify and internet radio is not affected. Sure doesn't seem like a network issue to me.  Cary wants me try a static address for CloudFlare's public DNS server and that is what I am going to do.  I can always change it back to DHCP.
@vpm, Your above action plan is excellent and I hope it solves your Tidal steaming issue.  

Like you, I also do also not understand "how everything played fine for 2 days and then on the 3rd day Tidal stopped after 32 minutes and then stopped another hour later”.  Why does it play perfectly for 2-days and then stop on the next day (stopping periodically)?  

BTW, I also own the LUXUL Wireless Router AC3100 Wireless Router, the XAP-1510 AC1900 Access Point and the LUXUL 1008 8-port digital switch.   These are great products and, I hope, there use will solve this very strange streaming issue.   
just found this thread.   My DMS 600 has had some odd problems streaming Tidal with the new app.   If I add new tracks or albums to  my tidal lists they sometimes don't show up on the Cary app.  I have found that if I scroll down to the bottom of the list and scroll back up to the top they appear.  Today I could not get Tidal to load anything after logging in through Cary.  So I logged out of tidal and now the cary app, while recognizing and acknowledging that I am entering the correct name and password, will not sign on to my tidal acct.   I have been having these issues since the new app was introduced. I have already followed Cary suggestion of re loading the app and going through a re set.  It is getting worse, not better.  Any one else have issues like I am experiencing?  I for one am getting fed up
At least for now, I was able to solve the problem with streaming Tidal on my Cary DMS 600 using the Cary 2.0 streaming app.  My problem was with Tidal stopping periodically while streaming albums.  So I bridged my ISP provided Gateway Modem/Router and added a Luxul XWR-3150 router.  I upgraded my Gigabit switch to a Luxul XGS-1024S 24 port unit.  I also added a second access point to my system.  I now have a Luxul XAP-1610, 4 antenna access point in the center of my home on the first level and a Luxul XAP-1510, 3 antenna access point on the lower level.  Google DNS is now the primary server and my ISP servers are secondary for my system.  Running a speed test revealed that my download speed is 524.3 Mb/sec and upload speed is 136 Mb/sec.  All of my A/V equipment is hard wired over Ethernet.  So by throwing money at this problem, I now have a better wired internet and Wi-fi experience going into the future.  I am just so happy that Tidal is back to normal (at least for now) as I have been playing my system 3-4 hours per day over this past weekend with no stoppage issues. 

One additional comment regarding the incorporation of the new Luxul Gigabit switch.  I installed this unit a week prior to the A/V technician's arrival and over the past week noticed an improvement when streaming Tidal as I did not experience any stoppage issues.  While I was told that changing this piece alone probably did not solve my problem, I definitely noticed an improvement.
With respect to gjkphd,  I felt your pain.  I have had the same problems as you have ever since Cary came out with the new app.  Of course, after a while the Sales manager was telling me that I was the only person having a problem, which I found hard to believe and your post confirms this.  Following Cary's reset instructions does not solve the problem.  Cary keeps telling me it is a network problem. If so, then why did I not have any problems for 3 years using the their original app.  Anyway, there are service bulletins regarding this matter on the Cambridge Audio and Bluesound Node websites.  Check them out.  By assigning a Static public DNS address to either your complete network or just the DMS 600 should solve this problem.  That is what I finally had to do as Cary has admitted that they are not IT guys.  At least the sales manager went out of his way to assist me by directing me to one of these bulletins.  We are not the only ones having problems with Tidal or even Quobuz. I hope you find the information that I have provided somewhat helpful.
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I have a DMS-600 and I believe the problem is related to the March 2021 firmware update (I did not have skipping issues prior).  The DMS-600 is basically unusable for me at this point.  I have done a lot of testing and I discovered that any song will play as long is there are no songs following it in a queue.  Once you have a queue, songs will skip.  The proof of this is that using Spotify Connect or Qobuz Connect, no songs skip using their internal queues, but once you switch to the Cary app queue, songs skip (Qobuz is far worse than Spotify).  The Cary sales manager got very defensive with me.  They refuse to admit they could have a problem.  I believe they do not have the resources to develop or support digital products.  BTW, I have fiber and direct ethernet connection.

I have had the exact same problem with DM-600 but I managed to fix/avoid it, all playback problem on DMS-600 always comes back to network problem. With DMS-600 if your network is working then playback will be working like a champ, but if you have network problem then nothing will work. The only fix that always 100% working is by the IR remote control to go to network and press "CONNECT" again until successful, make sure you can see that your re connecting attempt is successful. Cary network card is so bad and often drop with no connection even when the status is showing "CONNECTED", basically DMS-600 network card is so idiotic it keeps on dropping connection without itself realizing it (still showing connected on network status). I also find out that WiFi is a lot more reliable than Ethernet cable on DMS-600, I have the worst dropout rate on Ethernet compared to WiFi. If your router is able to identify network card, you can see that DMS-600 is using very cheap Chinese no name brand network card with Penguin logo on it, yes it is that bad. However, if you are already familiar and make routine of the procedure above, the playback will improve a lot to about 1-2 dropout in the span of 24 hrs.

Best permanent solution is off course to throw the dang thing into the trash can and buy something else better and never consider Cary anymore. Back in its glory days I used to be a big fan owning multiple Cary products including the infamous 805C monoblock, unfortunately Cary is a second or even third tier product nowadays after the departure of Dennis Had, I am still smacking my head for choosing DMS-600 over Bartok just because of my "expired" fond memories of Cary brand, DMS-600 has the worst interface and is the king of playback dropout compared to Mola Mola, Lumin, dCS and I have tried them all at home audition, fortunately I have Taiko Extreme on order and very glad I’ll be getting rid of this nightmare product.

Ever since posting my pausing problems with Tidal on the DMS 600 months ago, I gave up and just lived with it. My current problem is Tidal pauses at some point early on and then pauses every hour on the hour. One thing I tried this past weekend was to change my Tidal password using just letters. I then reset the unit again. The unit played for 4 hours on Sat. and 3-1/2 hours on Sunday with no problems. But today, the music paused again after the first 20 minutes. The pausing seems to get worse each day after a factory reset. My cue is always empty when I start streaming.

Is uwiikz stating the pausing problem with Tidal can be avoided if I RECONNECT to the network every time I go to use the CMS 600? I have no problems with Spotify and Vtuner. I also had no problems for 3 years until Cary upated their app to 2.0. What other audiophile streamers should I consider?

The Cary Sales Mgr. told me customers with the CMS 700 are not having these problems. Please provide your feedback as I would appreciate any help I can get at this point. Thank you.





Just a thought -- a possible solution might be to try Roon and override the Cary app and see if the issue is resolved.  I have the DMS-700 without any problems using Qobuz.

I am glad you have responded.  I thought about getting Roon, but as a DMS 700 owner, can you confirm that you have had no problems using the Cary App. While I cannot comment publicly about product specific, I do know Cary will be keeping the DMS 700 in their line as they are currently working on a new higher end model that will be out of my price range.  I told the Cary Sales Mgr. the 700 might be better suited for me, but I need to make sure I will not have any problems with Cary 2.0 app.  Please reply.  Thank you.


Yes, I can confirm that I've had no problems with the Cary app for the 700.  Although I'm pretty sure that the app for the 700 is different than the app for the 600.  After trying Roon I just couldn't go back to the Cary app and bought a lifetime subscription.  It wasn't cheap but worth it to me over the long run.  I was also aware of the DMS-800 under development but was told it may happen or may never happen and the price would be in the $12k range.  I personally don't think one needs to spend that much to get an excellent sounding DAC or streamer.

Well, since you brought it up, the price will be $15k.  Out of my price range and I ag)ree with you.  I cannot get Cary to admit the app is different.  All I can get is the 700 owners are having no problems and customers like me who are having problems is infitesimaI. I tried reconnecting to the network as the last respondent suggested and it worked when I was playing MQA albums, but today the non MQA music paused again after the first hour.  For someone who only streams and does not have a stored collection of music,  the $ 500 Roon price is hard to swallow.  Let's stay in touch. Thank you.

I had major issues with Cary customer service in the past. Sold the unit and will never buy Cary again. Actually I’m amazed anyone would buy a digital piece from Cary. This is way out of their wheelhouse. Plenty of companies that specialize in digital that are much preferable to Cary.

Would you be kind enough to share which manufacturer of network streamer you went with as I contemplating a switch as well.  What makes it difficult for me is I like their sound in my system.  But I can do without these annoying network problems.  Recently I purchase a Bluesound Node for another non critical listening room and I have no network connection issues with Tidal.  Same for my Sonos Connect in another area.  Thank you.

The DMS series is known to be problematic where internet and other connectivity is concerned.  Think of a weird thing and the unit can do it flawlessly. You can spend all day trying to get it to connect to the internet to no avail, and the next day it connects without a problem.  It can stop playing in the middle of a track and there’s nothing you can do to get it going again.  There is no real customer service at Cary and quite frankly, they are out of their digital league.