I just had my Audiogon account hacked . . .


I received the email, supposedly from Audiogon, below. Like an idiot, I clicked the link and signed into a phony webpage that looked exactly like Audiogon's.

This morning there were two phony ads placed on my account, billed and even paid for by someone. A member asked a question about one of the ads and the hacker actually answered him before I could tell the member that it was a phony ad.

I notified Audiogon, who took care of it for me right away. I just want to make all members aware of what and how the hackers are phishing for our infomation.



"Dear user, Due to recent activity on your account, you will require a second confirmation of identity with us in order to enable further investigation of this matter. Your account is not suspended, but if in 48 hours after receiving this message your account is not confirmed we reserve the right to suspend your registration AudiogoN.
To prove your identity, Click here !

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and we want to thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for using AudiogoN
Almost the same thing happened to me on Sunday. Last week I got an email from Audiogon to say I had a message. Stupidly, I clicked the link in the email. On Sunday, I started getting messages for an EMM Labs $10,000.00 cd player. I was lucky that I notified the 2 interested parties that it was a scam and I removed the listing. I then changed my password. I notified Audiogon who warned me not to click on any links in my email.

I guess this is getting to be a big problem here.
I have recieved many emails that are similair to what you recieved. Most of them start out with "your account will be suspended" if i do not sign in and do...whatever.
I NEVER respond to them. But really Audiogon with all the crap there new site has put us through should correct this.
I think it has nothing to do with your -gon account. It's simply spam e-mail directing you to the similarly looking website so you give your personal information.
carefully looking at the URL will prevent you from being skimmed.

Thanks for the warnings

Phishers have run that and other scams on me at least eight times in the last few months.

Most recent appears to be a message from Audiogon telling me a member has started a conversation with me:

New Message from AudiogoN Customer

dblsonds 11/06/2012
dblsonds started a conversion with you.

To see the message click here.

What Now?
View the entire conversation on Audiogon

Regardless of browner or operating system, The first and most basic line of defense, NEVER fill data in via email or click the link.

Open your browser using your verified Audiogon bookmark to access your account. If you cannot find the reported conversation or any problem with your account you just avoided a scam.

Lots of good data here:
Got the same one a few weeks back - did not fall for it, but forwarded it to the Audiogon people.

Good Listening and stay alert

Krell Man,
You are not alone. A couple of months ago, I got an email from Audiogon, or so I thought. It said that they were updating their database, and would be removing the members who had not been active for a year or more. Since I am always on the site, I didn't even click on the link, but just ignored it.
A few days later, the real Audiogon home page said "your account has been suspended" when I signed on. Sure enough, a woman I had never heard of had hacked me, and her name was in my personal info, along with her email address. I sent her an email threatening legal action, and of course, she didn't respond.
Anyway, Audiogon fixed it for me in a couple of days, and no real harm was done. I did, however, have to change my password.
Thanks for the heads up. Fake CC companies, people claiming to be from BOA or your bank starting with dear valued customer instead of your name are all trying to cash in by getting your information. I wish I had just a small amount in an ATM account. I think if you put the numbers in backward (at the ATM) it alerts the police (that you need help) but will still give you cash in case you are being help up. Something has to be done to stop these crooks. Hope you were not burned. Best of luck.
Of all the ways to make a living and 'they' decide to scam hobbyists.
Enterprising little bastards, aren't they?

Pardon my French but it seemed appropriate.

All the best,
Months ago my account was attacked. I received an email and click reply. I felt something was fishy and contacted agon staff at once. The Agon staff changed my password and that was the end of it.
Unfortunately, that kind of scam is happening all over the internet :-(!
My was hacked a few weeks ago. Somebody tried to sell a pair of Wilson sasha cheaply . Fortunately was alerted by a member & I changed my account info quickly . Few weeks ago i bought a reasonably price fr Greece & the seller is a cheat. Complaint to audiogon nothing done. Fortunately was able to get refund thru paypal . Just got to be very carefully nowadays
The same thing happened to me as Krell_man described, and as Roxy54 stated, they changed my info and name under my account description. I have e-mailed Audiogon twice now in three days, and no response.
dblsonds is still trying. Just got another email from what is said to be Audiogon.
Jafant.. you just ruined my day. The porn pop up ads are the ones I love most! But thanks anyway.