I miss the Audio classified ads of the 70's and 80's in the newspaper

I remember getting my Sunday paper and looking at all the ads in the audio classified section. They would have private party listings along with dealer listings and ads for new gear. Obviously this is before the Internet ever existed. Call me old fashioned but I really enjoyed those days.

Maybe I am just to nostalgic or yearn for more simple times. I can't be the only one here.

I remember well....ever Sunday (mid 70's) looked at the ads in the paper for a great deal for a Kenwood Int. amp. Finally found and bought a Kenwood KA-7100/KT-7500 combo for $365. Enjoyed this set for many yrs! I remember the amp could drive 4 JBL L-40's plenty loud and sound great. Care-free (mostly) and great days of youth. Better days I do believe...Tuners,Turntables and Reel to Reels.  
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you might not be the only one, but your probably the only one who feels the need to ask this question or many of the 45 questions (threads)you have asked since the beginning of the year. Turn off the trolling and turn on the music. 45 threads since Jan 1st??? Turn it off dude

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Other than as nostalgia, not much I miss really from back then except some family and being a lot younger of course.
Personally, I enjoy your thread, Taters. 

I used to wheel and deal a bit in used stereo gear. I'd always try to get a copy of the weekly "Recycler" every week to get to the good stuff first. Lot's of Dyna 70's for fifty bucks ... and Dyna Mk III's for 100 bucks the pair. I picked up a mint Dyna 70 and Pas-3 for four bucks one time. Bought a Marantz mono preamp for seven bucks. 

Those were the days. 
"I picked up a mint Dyna 70 and Pas-3 for four bucks one time. Bought a Marantz mono preamp for seven bucks. "

Right, I forgot I do miss the prices in the olden days as well.

You can still get lucky once in a while these days scoring cheap good old stuff off Craigs list, at yard sales, maybe even down at the Goodwill Store once in a while.   Lots of good sounding cheap old vinyl there just ripe for the taking.   More than ever before.
nonoise...that's hilarious!

I remember very well reading every line in the "Hi-Fi &Stereo Components" column in the Los Angeles Times classified section every day back in the 60's and 70's. I miss those days but still find lots of stuff to browse on the internet sites (ebay, c**list, and Audiogon).

It will be no great loss for me not to read your posts because unlike many many contributors to this site I learn very little from reading your questions and what's worse I have been offended by several of them. Some of your post seemed designed to divide people and cause argument. Baiting people into argument. It's unneeded.

What's worse is some of your recent threads if read by young people who might be into good music and good sound and who like all sorts of great current pop, rock, hip hop and R&B and rap are going to take a look at your threads and some other threads on this site and run in the other direction. I have been ashamed to read some of your recent threads and have considered leaving this site because of them. I am sure there are others who feel the same.


I am sorry my threads embarrass you. When I go to other sites and I don't like what someone says I just Ignore it. I can't see why you can't do the same.

Ya know, there are some things I do miss, as Mapman said, just being younger would top my list.  Prices are higher, but that $50 Dyna 70 in 1980 is almost $150 in 2015 $.  I bet you can buy an unrestored Dyna 70 for that, or less, so it's a wash. The one difference is a lot of the stuff from our youth is now collectible, so prices have gone up, but only for the desirable stuff. That restored Dyna 70 goes for hundreds, but it was restored after all.  As for browsing ads, I did that too, and there would be a handful of components locally.  But then came Audiomart and hundreds were available nationally, now we have Audiogon, eBay, and other sites where there are thousands of components available.  In that respect, screw the old days, we're in the golden age!
Don't worry about me being ashamed taters, worry about becoming old and sending the message thru some of your posts that the music that young people, including me, listen to and love is inferior. 
jetrexpro, it’s not necessarily an age thing. I was in my 20’s when rap/hip-hop emerged and I’m more inclined to like or accept it now than then. It’s not my thing, or hasn’t been so far.
I could name a lot of pop music artists, mostly in rock (which is more my thing), that have come along in the last 35 years that I like. Again, it’s not about being old and cranky. That’s a stereotype and not everyone fits it.

More on topic, I also miss the classified ads and the old days, but I love scouting Craig's list any time of day and perusing the ads for stuff I mostly don't need. It's fun. Multiple pics, in color, of each item, lots of text giving history, etc. Sending links to friends who might be interested in seeing the ads...these are the good old days.
^^^ I'm old. I'm cranky. Hey! ... you kids get off of the lawn!!  You all remember that guy, right? Well, I am now that guy.

I still enjoy going through the bins in used record stores and thrift stores. With thousands of records, do I really need another record? Of course we  need more records. Love to check out Ebay and Agon for equipment ads too.
I'm with you on this Taters, bought and sold a lot of equipment thru the Sunday LA Times back in the 70's and 80's.  Made many long term friendships thru those contacts.