I need a good arm to mate with a modified Lenco L75

I'm starting a project to put together a Lenco L75.  I have searched around but I can not find any advice about what arm might be a good match.  Jelco?  SME 3012?  Something better than that for this table?  Any thoughts would be most welcome.
If you are going to go "all the way" or even "most of the way" with your modified Lenco, then it will merit the best tonearm you can afford and fit to your plinth. Beyond that, I don't believe there are any limitations to be based solely on the fact that you have a Lenco vs some other brand or type of turntable.  It's more important to match your tonearm with your choice of cartridge.

I have a highly modified Lenco in a slate plinth.  I chose a Dynavector DV505 tonearm for that turntable, mostly because it is one of only a limited number of tonearms that can be surface mounted.  (Others include the Triplanar and the Reed tonearms.)  Surface mounting makes it unnecessary to create a removable tonearm mount that would need to be drilled out.  So my choice was largely pragmatic: the DV505 is excellent, is less expensive than those other options I named (though I do own one of each), and was convenient to mount.
I have a Artisan Fidelity modded Lenco and that table deserves that best arm I can buy.  I have a SME arm by no means the best but still a great arm.  I wouldn't hesitate putting a Reed, Schroeder or any top rated arm on a Lenco.  However it is more important matching the arm and cartridge and just having a fancy arm that doesn't match well with a particular cartridge.
In the hardcore Lenco cult (I mean that in the good sense ;-), the TransFi Terminator is developing the reputation as a great arm for the table. Unlike the Eminent Technology---also a linear-tracker of course, the TransFi is positioned on the rear of the table, running left-to-right, not front-to-back on the right side of the table.
bdp24, The position of the LT tonearm might only matter if you are using a Lenco still with its original plinth where the chassis is supported on flexible supports.  Most guys who upgrade are using massive unsprung plinths; the tonearm could be mounted anywhere without much effect.
True Lew, but I wasn't thinking in terms of the moving mass of the arm wand (one reason the VPI tables, especially the TNT's, were a great platform for the ET arm). I mentioned it 'cause I never liked having to bend over the table and look sideways to see the stylus for cueing, etc. It's nice having the arm, cartridge, and LP groove facing you! But that comes at a price---the Terminator sits over the platter, requiring care in getting LP's on and off. Being a longtime Townshend Rock owner, I'm use to that!
How about the best vintage best midvintage and best modern. 3 arms total. Ortofon/Sme Sumiko/Micro and Graham or Talea?
I have an SME M2-12R and Triplanar VII on my Nantais Ref II. Both sound terrific. I’ve mounted Graham Phantom Supreme on there, too, and that was also excellent. Like others have said above, if the table is modded to realize much of its potential, it will not limit the choice of arm.
@lewm what arm has the best synergy/musicality on your Lenco now?

@wrm57 what is your overall favourite?

@nandric what would you pick?
The Graham is my favorite overall, but I keep it mounted on a Brinkmann Oasis in the same system. The Triplanar is second, then the SME (which is an excellent value, IMO).
I recently finished refurbishing a Garrard 301.  It is installed in one of the massive solid plinths idlers seem to favor. I mounted an Ortofon TA-110.  With a Lyra Delos it is making great music.  You can see pictures in my virtual system.

I love the sound of my vintage ADC XLM II Improved. It is currently on an SME 3009 Imp/Thorens 125 II. My only experience with MC cartridges was a Denon 103 which I was not impressed by in this set up. In my reading about cartridges it seems there are some folks who feel that even though they are cheaper as a group MM is a superior format to MC. I don’t have enough experience to know how true that is but in my limited comparison that conclusion is certainly born out. Does is make sense to pick the cartridge first and then the arm or the other way around?
Cant say for sure.  My Van den Hul black beauty sounds great on the VPI with ET II arm.  My Lyra Delos on the  301 with Ortofon arm sounds equally as good.  These are very different sounding rigs but each has its strengths.  The Delos was bright in the VPI/ET but not on the 301/Ortofon.  Have not tried the VDH on the 301 yet.