I need a new system.

Please help. I am new to AudiogonN so I apologize if I should have found my answer by some other method.
We had water damage to our home and I lost all of my equipment. I had been so satisfied with the performance that I am unfamiliar with anything current. Can you suggest comparable replacements?
I had ADS L-710 Speakers, Yamaha R-9 Receiver (class A amp, 3 independent sets of speakers), Nakamichi OMS-7 CD Player, (Nakamichi BX-125 Tape Deck, and Kenwood KX-1030 Tape Deck. Since tape seems to be almost obsolete, I may not replace, but I am open to suggestions.) Also we have a recent Panasonic 42" Plazma TH-42PZ80U that may be integrated. Thanks for your help.
PS, if this thread belongs in a different forum, please suggest how I move it to the appropriate location. Thanks again.
Rav....First thing,sorry to hear of your loss.You should really establish a budget you can live with before you even start looking.Then do some research on the web and see what's out there that you might be interested in.Will you be buying new or used? Digital or Analog? Are you wanting a system for critical listening or will it be something less? Do you have anywhere to go and audition equipment in your area? Sounds like you are big into tape,you can find great machines still. These are just a few things you need to think about.There's so much audio equipment available these days it will make your head spin!!When you get an idea of what you might want,start asking specific questions here and on other audio sites. I reiterate,start by setting a budget you can live with.Good luck with your search.

If I were to start all over again for whatever reason, and a flood or fire would be a good enough one, I'd get pretty minimalistic. A great DAC... very nice integrated... and great speakers... this time probably monitors and subs.

What Tpreaves posted is all correct too... getting out and previewing some new stuff in a nice venue where the setup is likely to be pretty good is where I'd begin.

In my choices, I'd lean towards having tubes in the int at least as I find tube sound on avg. better than SS. it might be the other way 'round for you.

You also might want to completely forgoe the DAC route and jump dead into wax with a super TT and so forth. A very good int allows for wxpansion or growth... and a nice spot to start from... or wind up with for that matter.
Good advice above. I would definitely go listen to gear before you buy if possible - if you live in the hinterlands, even if it means a dedicated trip to metro area or waiting until you are in town for other reasons.

Tip 2 - listen to really great gear well set up as a benchmark, and then go to listen to gear within your budget and try to put together a combination that approaches what you heard in the $$$ room.

Tip 3 - or, more of an alternative suggestion, if you have time and interest, you could do some Internet research and start buying used gear online, trying it in your home in different combination. Synergy of gear is what it is all about, and often lesser investments can outperform greater investments if the less expensive pieces are well-matched.

Finally, if you have been out of the market for a long time, you will be shocked at how much you can spend on audio gear now... another reason to look at used stuff.
FYI...if you have homeowners or renters insurance - they should pay for the damaged equipment. If the policy has "replacement value" they will pay for comparable items. If it is "actual cash value" equipment, they will only pay for the depreciated amount only.

Best of luck.