I need opinions, Schhit Freya+ and an appropriate Amp

I have read good things about Schiit’s Freya Pre amp. I am building a "not to expensive" 2 channel system. Have already purchased speakers, Klipsch Forte III’s..... love em!I am considering Shiits "Class A Like" Aegir amp, either one at 20 watts per or 2 at 80 watts per.....in monoblock.

The other thing I am considering is going with tubes and looking at a Rogue 90 or a Rogue Atlas Magnum amp.
Does anybody have opinions based in fact or experience but I am no looking to purchase anything ridiculously expensive or in need of a complete overhaul. And interestingly I came across a pair of Rogue Monoblock 120’s which looked interesting!
So let loose and advise...lastly, I have not heard anything yet and am currently driving my Klipsch with a 45 year old Marantz 1038B and it sounds fabulous......call me a plebian!
Never heard the Aegir but the reviews are excellent and.... it will likely have great synergy with the Freya and Forte’s. The Schiit return policy is pretty solid. Rogue gear always sounds musical to my ears but it will cost more and you will want to up the tube ante no doubt. Linear Tube Audio would be an excellent choice.
I like Line Magnetic Audio tube amps, but Rogue integrated amps sound very good.
I will play devil's advocate here. 1st and foremost, I am an old time Klipsch Heritage fan boy, Klipsch Heritage expert, and a retired audio consultant, whatever...….I know Klipsch ( the Forte II was marketed as a Heritage model after it's release ). I understand you want to spend money, likely the same amount, on electronics, as you have on the Forte IIIs. You say it sounds " fabulous " now. So many folks I know, do not feel their systems sound fabulous, as they are always looking for the next upgrade, so, you are off to a good start ( and some of these folks have much more $'s invested than you will have ). Of all of the older Japanese made receivers ( the ones with the dial tuners, as yours ), Marantz is the best in sq ( sound quality ), and, actually sound good with Klipsch. My 1st question : Are the Forte III's set up in their optimum position, and, in relation to your listening seat ? 2nd : Do you hear any room acoustic issues in your room, typically, nasty reflections, or, bass sloppiness ? 3rd : Based on the music genre preferences you have, as well as volume levels you want to achieve ( you have not stated either ), what " more " are you looking for ? In other words, what improvements in sq are you looking for ? What are your sources ( lps, cds, streaming, etc ) ? For me, this will be a good start in helping you. Enjoy ! MrD.
Mr.D, The Marantz receiver I have does sound good and the speakers are as close to optimally set up as I can given restraints of the room.
I am looking for that 3 dimensional soundstage to completely fill my 12X13.6 room, I here no reflections and the bass is taught and not sloppy.
The receiver i think is on her last legs, have had her since the mid 70's been recapped and serviced about 8 years ago and I am getting a weak left channel intermittently...and no remote.
It's time to replace with something hi value, great sound and newer technology.
I run primarily Blue Node and vinyl, classic rock, vocals, acoustic and techno are my fave's
So there ya go, do you think the Schiit is the way to go, I need to keep it around $2000 and have considered a few initegrated's but like the tube sound.
If you have efficient speakers, I would go with the Aegirs - Class A like. Also heard good things about the STA 200
I have not heard the Aegirs, but I own 2 STA 200s, which drive my several pair of Klipsch exceptionally well ( drives all my other speakers as well ). I do have many other amplifiers as well. I have also gone passive, as a preamp no longer makes sense to me, but this is a questionable area of direction for each individual. What else you can do, is to vertically, passively biamp the Forte IIIs, where one amp drives one speaker ( each of the same 2 stereo amps run the woofers and horns separately ). Incredible. Of course, you can also go the tube route ( been there, done that ). Klipsch and tubes are fantastic. As a retiree, I like simple, and solid state. I leave my gear on continuously, and enjoy, without worries of tube replacement, biasing, and, ime, noise and colorations. Tubes add color, and nothing wrong with that, if that is what you like. I hope this helps, although, I have been known to confuse folks. Enjoy ! MrD.
I own Heresy IIIs and drive 'em with an original version Freya into a Dennis Had single ended 12wpc masterpiece. That's right, masterpiece. Note that extremely efficient Fortes can be driven by anything, but sticking to lower wattage amps can save you some bucks and allow you to turn it up beyond 2. I'm thinking of adding a Pass XA25 to the mix eventually just out of curiosity (there goes my "beyond 2" theory), and will keep the Had amp to swap back and forth as hey, isn't that what serious tone freaks do? Luckily for new purchasers, the new "Freya +" amazingly seems to have more features and addresses some consumer issues for 100 bucks more. Based on my experience with the mighty 12 watts per side Had amp, one Aegir should be plenty. Note that a properly designed tube amp doesn't "color" anything, they're simply more accurate (read "atmasphere's" comments about why this is.). Ever notice how SS amps frequently claim to be "tube like" and "class A sounding?"
wolf, say what you want ( as you always do ), but descriptions on various threads, including musicians threads, speak of " color ", warmth ", and " roundness " of tubes, especially bass players and drummers, where quickness, tightness and control are all important, and ss is preferred. As I said, " if that is what you like ". BTW, The Freya + is $899., $200 more than the original, not $100. Sorry to have offended you, again. YMMV. Enjoy ! MrD.
Given eag618's response to MrD's question, with Klipsch in a small room I would think tube amplification to be ideal. With a budget of $2000 maybe a used PrimaLuna? 
Hey mrdecibel...it's 100 bucks more, plus another 100 bucks, so there is 100 bucks in there, albeit twice.  Also, bass players and drummers prefer SS? Huh? You don't usually render a clunky comment like that one so I can only assume your proof reader went home...Bass players generally don't want to schlep Ampeg SVTs around (although many do) so SS is often preferred and SS bass amps (like the three I own) seem to sound fine. However, tube guitar amps actually are quick, tight, and controlled as myself and many other musicians I've known know. WE know, ya know? Roundness, warmth, and color, are supposed to be a part of music reproduction regardless of what amp you prefer, so I'll continue to be testy and defensive when perceiving tube aspersions have been cast. That said, I do understand that many prefer square, cold, and colorless amps...

I wasn't going to say this, as he terrifyingly squeaks it out.... but I just sold a Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated with an array of 12au7's kt88's el34's and kt150,s.
I liked my Marantz 2238B better! Call me stupid, but don't tell kevin!LMAO

So I am on the search for SS and Tube pre.......and I feel that Schiit has the best value so far.
check out the Decware "Integrated"


I had the Freya and Decware CSP3. I like the balanced input and output the  Freya had but the tubes were noisy.  The Decware was sweeter sounding and much preferred.  I sold the Freya.
Eag618, In my main system I also use a tube pre (Jolida Fusion) with a SS amp (BEL 1001 MK5). I also have (had) several Schiit products in house (headphone amps, DACs). So I agree with your approach with amplification and the value of Schiit products. The PrimaLuna question was more of a 'thinking outloud' moment.

Good luck in your search. 
I spent a fortune on the Primaluna gear, power tubes, NOS pre amp tubes from France, Great Britain, Belgium and the USA always trying to get more and when I plugged in my 44 year old Marantz one rainy day in March I decided it sounded better....personally I think PL is grossly over hyped.I got insane soundstage, tremendous clarity, almost perfect bass and extended highs to just laugh about.....it's on right now!
Just got my Saga preamp to my surprise it’s so good for my third system, I will buy the new Freya if ever I need one...
Some have whined about the Freya's noisy tubes but although those critics have been vocal, I think they're a tiny minority. My Freya is extremely low noise with any (including the supplied "mystery" Russian tubes) tubes I've stuck in the thing, and the new Freya + might be even better...a cool thing about Forte IIIs efficiency (as well as my Heresy IIIs) is you can try pretty much any amp including low wattage ones not appropriate for less efficient speakers.
wolf, you react, as if you, personally, are being attacked. Take a chill pill..………..it is all about the music, and we, as listeners, are all individuals, with our own ideas, interpretations, opinions, experiences, etc. All good buddy. In fact, didn’t you tell me, at one point, to relax....I certainly have been....TY...Enjoy ! MrD.
mrdecibel...it generally amazes me when people utterly miss the harmless tone of what I think is obvious friendly relatively gonzo humor in some of my posts..."so I’ll continue to be testy and defensive when perceiving tube aspersions have been cast"...like that...I’m not always intentionally ridiculous, but often I am, if only (or in some cases clearly) for my own enjoyment, and since that’s why I bother to write any responses at all it’s likely gonna continue regardless of any heads being flown over.
 I am new to this audiophile game (although I have collected music for 40 years), but in the past 6 months, I found a Marantz 2238B in very nice condition and I am totally hooked on vintage Marantz receivers. I currently have the Marantz running through large Advent (original) Loudspeakers that were resored by Bill Legall at Millersound. These are my main (front) speakers, and I am using Klipsch RF-3 iis as my side speakers. This combination sounds way better than anything I have ever had before. When I first got the Marantz, I was using ADS L990 speakers. Those sounded good, but both the Klipsch speakers and the restored Advents blow it away and have relegated the ADS speakers to the bench.