I2s compatibility

My digital journey goes on. After upgrading from Marantz 6005 CDP to Cambridge CXC CD transport hooked to a Denafrips Ares II DAC, I have now moved up to a Gustard x26 pro DAC and looking to purchase the Jay's cdt2 mk3 cd transport to replace the CXC. My question is simple, has anybody hooked up the Jay's to the Gustard with the I2s connection. Reason I ask is because it is not simple. Just ordered a PS Audio PWT CD transport to do the I2s connection with the Gustard and it did not work. Just shipped back the PWT today. Painful process I am trying not to repeat. I know it is a long shot but worth asking before I pull the trigger on the Jay's. I asked Alvin at Vinshine and he says it will work but hasn't convinced me so far since he is not a Gustard dealer.


You can see the X26 pinout on ShenzhenAudio's page 


It is not compatible with the Denafrips Iris DDC.


Absolutely awesome you found and posted this configuration I had not seen before. I sent it to Alvin, who sent it to Jay's chief, and it was confirmed by both that the Jay's I2s will work with the Gustard IIs. The Jay's cdt2 mk3 is now my next purchase!