I2S setting using Denafrips Pontus and Iris

Hello, I'm new to this forum so I hope I am posting in the right place.
Can you help me please?
I have a Denafrips Pontus and I have just purchased as Iris. I may send the Iris back soon and order a Gaia instead. I have used a spare cheap Amazon HDMI cable from the Iris Out to the HDMI (i2s) Input on the Pontus.
I followed the instructions on the Vinshine youtube website:
I put my Pontus on to the i2s input.
I pressed the Mute button. the lights cycle.
I clicked the Phase button repeatedly.
On two of the "clicks" of the phase button I get sound but with terrible distortion.On all the other settings I am getting good sound.

Why am I getting sound from more than one of the "clicks"? I am not sure if one sounds better than the other yet but surely as the Pontus and Iris are both made by Denafrips then one of the settings I choose should be the correct one?

Also, would I get a better sound by using an HDMI cable that has the video pins removed? If not, using a standard HDMI cable, what would you recommend please? I can hear a big difference when using different makes of USB in my system so I assume a decent HDMI cable would be the way to go as well.
Finally, am I doing the right thing using i2s or would any of the other outputs on the Iris be a better way to go?

Thank you for your help.
I replaced an AudioQuest HDMI with a WireWorld Chroma for my i2s. There are no "video pins."

Don’t know anything about Chinese DACs.
The ones I have just work.
The Denafrips DACs are designed to support multiple different i2s formats. Unfortunately, there is no standard so different brands use different pinouts. The Denafrips DACs are some of the few that can be used with other brand’s products. 
The Denafrips website includes documentation on how to configure the DDC and the DAC for the correct configuration. 
If @jaytor 's suggestion doesn't lead to a solution, contact Alvin @ @vinshineaudio and I'd bet he can get you there...cheers,
The i2s pinout of DENAFRIPS DAC need to be set correctly in order to work with the i2s source. I use Audio Tone Test utility (Tidal) to help me with the Left/Right channel, and in-phase/out-of-phase test.

The correct setting of the I2S of the DENAFRIPS DAC to match with the DENAFRIPS DDC is '000', i.e. 1x 2x 4x LED off.

As soon as the i2s pinout is set correctly, you should be able to play both PCM and DSD without noise.

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/oXwtbMK1iHI

Noted: Turn the volume down when you configure the i2s setting :)

I can be reached at sales@vinshineaudio.com

Happy to help!

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Alvin @ www.vinshineaudio.com
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check out this video.  It took me a while to get it, but after selecting the proper I2S output you can set the configuration.  Hit the mute button followed by the phase button.  The terminator wants the PS audio standard of 100.  So that is the 1X light on and the 2X and 4X lights off (100), after about 10 seconds the setting will hold and your good to go.
The HDMI cable is important, Alvin recommended this
it was better than an Audioquest Coffee
I used test tones to sort out which i2S configuration is the correct one using the Iris to the Pontus. All it needs is the 2x light to be set on the Pontus. That way the stereo image (and phase for my system) are correct.

Is there any way to configure the iris for non denafrips dacs?  I was thinking the iris would work standard with the audio mirror tubadour, as it’s ps audio standard, but the cables I’m trying are all not functioning properly.