ICEPower vs SET

I have 2 sources, one Scoutmaster and a Monarchy NM24 dac. I have been listening to both on my Liang 845 SET amplifier and the analog sound so much better than digital. Actually the digital sounds so bad compared to the analog, I can't listen to it seriesly for more than a few minutes and almost gave up on it other than the convenice of digital.

But then I bought a pair of ICEpower 200ASP's, and I hooked up to my system, I tried it on my analog system first, good, but not as good as my 845. But then I hooked it to my digital, I noticed a considerable improvement compared to my 845, the digital harshness is minimized, a veil has been lifted, I have been listening to it for almost 2 weeks, and I still haven't got tired of it.

So my question, why does digital sound better on ICEPower and analog sound better on the 845 SET, it doesn't seem to make sense? Maybe somebody can shed some light on this.
Toufu, the ICEpower 200 AS are modules as far as I know, not amps. What class D amps have you bought that are based on 200 AS modules? Are you running balanced on the switching class D amps?
I have Zu Druid speakers. I bought the ICEPower modules from an individual and put them together myself. I am running SE off of the amp.
This is interesting.I think it's just a matter of synergy.Such different sources have amplification that either corrects or more likely reinforces the strengths of each signal.I think there is a harsh glare in digital just not there with your LP's.Think how many folks want valves on top for mids and bloom but dynamics and bass of SS on bottom.But maybe separate gear for different sources might be pricey but best sound.Gonna keep both and switch off via Bananas or what?
I had the same experience a few years back with a Bel Canto Digital Amp. With my CD source it sounded very good but with vinyl it sounded terrible. I was running a VTL 5.5 pre at the time.
Why does Baskin Robbins sell 31 flavors and they never have the one I want when I go in? Everyone likes what they like. I agree with the synergy factor as well.
Toufu -- I looked over the specs on the 200ASC's, and the Zu Druids.

The one thing that strikes me as possibly being relevant is that the ICEPower modules have about a 0.5db frequency response dip in the upper treble when working into high impedance loads (the graph in the data sheet shows frequency response into 4 ohms, 8 ohms, and an open circuit; I'm interpolating between the 8 ohm and open circuit curves for your 12 ohm speakers).

That is a fairly small dip, of course, but it might explain some of the reduction in harshness. Beyond that, all I can envision is synergistic happenstance, as others have suggested.

-- Al
Thanks guys, I was never the one who believes in syngergy, but I guess this experience might just change my mind.