Ideas on amp for Thiel

Anyone with thoughts or experience with Thiel CS 3.7's and a great amp to really show their best?
I recommend taking a look thru' the "Thiel owners thread". There are many suggestions for amps, including some posts by Tom Thiel. The short of it is don't skimp on power (Thiel recommended at least 100+ W for most models and Tom Thiel prefers much more than that), make sure the amp has a 4, if not 2, Ohm rating, and get high-quality (ARC, Ayre, Classe', Pass, et al.) because the Thiel's resolution will reveal faults in your amps and sources.
I have been using a Parasound JC1 as well as a Mac 601, just not too pleased with those sounds.  I'll check out that thread.
I have been using a Parasound JC1
I've not heard it but it's said to be a good one. Hard to go wrong with a John Curl design. Sometimes, though, we audiophiles get itching for something new and different, closer to our own idea of musical perfection. Good luck and have fun!
Beetlemani, we are a Parasound dealer, and we had the JC 1 on display they were purchased based on reviews, which were stellar the amps were okay at best, the Electrocompaniet amps were was better in every way. 

Would need to know more Sandy, what is the rest of the system, are you looking for greater clarity, what are you wanting more of?

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It totally depends on your own tastes and criteria.

Some people will say you need the most powerful sonic state amp you can afford to get the best out of Thiels.

Others will say Thiels sing with tube amps (which typically are lower powered).

I’m in the Thiels-on-Tubes camp. For me certain tube amps maintain everything I like about the Thiel sound - clarity, image density, truth of timbre, sense of aliveness, incredible imaging and soundstaging, while reducing any tendency towards aggressiveness or brightness and adding an even more believable organic quality to the presentation.

Do I trade off the last iota of dynamic capabilities of my 3.7s? Probably, but that has typically been the trade off of tubes over powerful solid state amplification, and yet many still choose tube amps because they find the gain more than they lose, and find they loose more than they gain when they hear the speakers with as amps.

Thats why no one can really tell you which amp would work for you, at least until you can get more specific about the characteristics that are important to you.

For me my Thiel 3.7s and my 140w side Conrad Johnson Premier 12 tube amps have been a match made in heaven. My pal who reviews for SoundStage is totally blown away when he hears the system.


let me know if you get an opportunity to demo Mark Levinson gear.

Happy Listening!

I would recommend Pass either the X series or XA series your chaoice based on budget. I wouldn't go any smaller than the X250.x or the xa100,x

I used a VAC 100 watt per channel tube amp for many years with my CS2.4 which was wonderful.  I have changed to the Ayre VX-5 twenty solid state and the speakers sound even better.  I love both presentations, but there is defenitly more energy in the room with the Ayre.  

Any of Steve McCormack's DNA series amplifiers, especially a Signature version of his DNA 125 or 225/250 series. 
I was hoping to get the CS 3.7 for a long time but I never had the room. However, during that time I contacted Gary Dayton at Thiel and also James Tanner at Bryston about powering the CS 3.7. My favorite review on the CS 3.7 was done by Bryston VP James Tanner. He was using either the 28B-SST2 or 7B-SST2. Anyways, I asked him about the 7B-SST2 with the CS 3.7 and he said it was a great match. I also emailed Gary Dayton of Thiel and asked him the same question and his response was that they like to show the CS 3.7 with the 7B-SST2's. Gary now works at Bryston but I contacted him when he was at Thiel.

I had the 4B-SST on the Thiel SCS4's and it was a pretty decent sound. Not something I had too much fault with for the price I paid. It was a little harsh at first but I added a BAT SS VK-42SE pre-amp and the sound was pretty smooth afterwards.

Today, if I were to get a CS 3.7 I would use either the Bryston 7B-SST3 which is supposed to be much smoother on the top end than the SST or SST2. The other amp I would consider would be 2 Benchmark AHB2 amps in monoblock mode. I recently got this amp and I love it. I would use the Benchmark DAC/pre direct to the amps. The Benchmark is NOT class D.
Having a pair of 3.6's for over twenty years... if you find a Mark Levinson 23.5, go for it.
Look for something with at least 400 Watts into 2 Ohms. Personally I would start with double that, and even more could be quite beneficial.
You need to be more specific about what areas you're looking to improve upon to get more targeted and effective recommendations.