If you're a fan of Billy Joel

Hey all, we just got home from seeing "Big Shot - The Ultimate Billy Joel Experience". All I can say is MAGNIFICENT. We're still buzzing from this outstanding performance. If you're even a partial fan of Billy Joel's vast array of music, you have got to see this band. They're based in Long Island, NY and play at various locations there but also in CT, NJ, PA, NYC, etc. We caught them at the Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA which is a fabuluous facility for music. The soundstage, volume, and overall clarity I would say was close to being perfect. But again if you're a fan, GO !!
Well, I never cared for the real deal so I'm sure I wouldn't like the imposters !!!! Glad you enjoyed the show.
Met Billy twice. He was glassy eyed drunk both times which I understand is his norm. Assume that explains his driving acumen.
Nothin like burstin a bubble, eh. Still waiting for my T-shirt:)
BTW, Billy Joel was Great! Definitely one of the best.
Big Billy Joel fan here. I've seen him several times in concert.

Last time was with Elton John and it was a FABULOUS! I use several of his songs as demo material.
I've always considered him something of an overblown lounge act, but I have to admit, he really does have a good voice and does put on a very professional show, backed up by very fine musicians.
I met Billy once also. Must have caught him on a good day. He wasn't drunk and seemed like a pretty nice guy. Based on that limited experience I'd have to say I like him. His music isn't my all time favorite but it's quite respectable IMO.
Saw him years ago when he was still wearing the white suit. Thought he was a great songwriter and performer. Shame.