If your not watching the series Sounbreaking you should be

Pbs .. series  Soundbreaking on the recording studios .It has interviews and commentary from tons of people . Roger waters , Roger Daultry  , on and on inside view of the making of music ...
Cool, I'll look for it and give it a watch, always nice t get a little insight.
There are a few other documentaries I might add for those interested (given the thread topic)

muscle shoals
Wrecking crew
The funk brothers

Ya i watched vocals last night electric is on tonight pst 10pm .. i was hoping there was a response about it lol .. its a cool series so far 
Stumbled upon it earlier this week whilst surfing 500 channels to find something intelligent to watch. 

DVR engaged, proceeding at light speed. 

Good stuff. Especially appreciated the comments that "soul" remains the true measure of a singer regardless of technology's advancements. Also enjoyed getting a more detailed insight on how recordings are stitched together by the folks behind the board. Pretty amazing. 
Just tagged this series to record as they come up and I have caught the series at episode 5, my question is will I break any rhythm by starting on episode 5 and watching the rest as they come thru or should I wait till I have them all and watch in sequence?
Not at all it is all great,I started at episode 3 and downloaded the other two watched electric last night .It is just fantastic television!

Programming like this is precisely why I contribute a few hundred to our local PBS station every year.  Simply outstanding.  I may even buy a copy of the BD to pass along to a couple of those deprived children who only know how to stream video on their phones;-)
No doubt .. i watch the axess tv shows too like reel to reel and song by song ,creams last show at albert hall etc .. but this soundbreaking really has some heavy hitter interviews  R.Water etc you just dont see these often . The flashbacks to early blues etc ... big thumbs up .. 
Sequence is not important. Episodes are available after airing on PBS website.
Thanks for the heads up, ole...even with a DVR I miss things pertinent to what we love.  That and a spouse addicted to food porn, cranky fashionistas in fabric fights, starving people engaged in mental and physical conflicts, and watching others cringing during hi-speed tattooing (she has none).  I leave it alone lest I get all of the above inflicted on me...*G*

It wouldn't be pretty....
Best thing on tv in a while. Keep this thread up top so everybody notices it! The Vocalist episode was just breathtaking, hey I made a joke. Cheers,
Lol ya its been great .. i also recommend axxess tv song by song and reel to reel .. i just watched creme last show at albert hall ..  they were talking to jack bruce . Asked the best bassist he says" without a doubt Bach was the bassmaster i liked that 
@sbrownnw Incorrect. I have been watching it via Comcast aka Xfinity. This is on PBS almost everybody gets it. Cheers,
@sbank, xfinity could not find it with a search. What time and days are you watching?

They have either a new episode or rerun at 10pm on PBS Mon, Tues, Wed. On Saturday they start with #1 again. Looks like 8 episodes so far 1hr. each. 
At local audio club meeting today, it was a topic of much great conversation. Everyone loves this show. Cheers,
sbank ,
   Excellent I'm glad everyone is enjoying it also,funny thing is I never seem to get to watch it except in my family room through my flatscreen speakers lol.When the home theatre is running(rarely with a 22mnth old) I'm watching a movie usually ,I need to get into watching these shows in my ht room.When the chance comes to listen to music  I fire up the 2:2 and spin vinyl usually .
    I Really enjoyed the voice episode also,it was interesting when the discussion turned towards auto tune etc .
good stuff 
I watched the first one--good enough to make me want watch more, but so far just "pretty good."  There's not much more to say about this stuff and few tidbits you haven't picked up somewhere before but it beats hearing about politics.
If you have a Roku, Fire Stick, or an Apple TV - or if your TV is connected to a PC or Mac - you can stream the whole series on the PBS app or PBS.org. For a limited time. @jafant, APT has it on the app. 

Some of it is very good; the music clips segue marvelously. Some of it is rehash of well known tidbits. But overall, any show that shows an engineer/producer at a console demonstrating the different contents of tracks on a well-known song can be fascinating. 

Absolutely outstanding series. I just watched episode 2. After I watched episode 1, I re-watched it twice with people I turned on to it!

if you are a fan of music, and I'm pretty sure you are, you must watch this series!