ifi LAN iSilencer

I discovered this Ethernet signal purifier for network audio streamers, just by chance, while surfing the internet.  I have an extremely highly resolving hifi system.  After reading all the positive customer comments and reviews, I said to myself, what the heck, only 89 bucks, let's go for it.  After receiving the ifi, as recommended, I plugged it into my audio switch, then plugged one end of the ethernet cable into it, and plugged the other end of that ethernet cable into my DAC/Streamer.  Now, I already have a variety of audio tweaks throughout my system, including my speakers.  But when I added the ifi, the background got even deeper, darker and blacker.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  This little gizmo worked exactly as advertised!!!  Highly recommended.         


ifi is a very good company, they make affordable items, but they generally work very well and are of excellent quality - smart business people and excellent engineers/problem solvers


I implemented this into my system and I had the same experience as the OP. I have this connected to my router prior to my Small Green Computer i9 Optical to Sonore OpticalRendu. There has been some debate whether this would bring an improvement prior to optical isolation. Well it worked in my case and it is staying put.

I tried a bunch included Sonore , uptone 

jays audio sells the SW 8 Thst has linear power supplies, low noise regulators 

and a Over controlled clock it is very respectable at just under $600 

and takes about 300 hours to fully runin , always use at least a pangea or better power cord , and the Synergistic purple fuse made it better still.

I have similar case upgrade on my modem and Wi-Fi router, it's upgrade the PSU iFi iPower-X for modem & router each. I can hear the music improvement on soundstage, airy, realistic. 😏😎

Does anyone have thoughts as to whether an Ifi LAN silencer would be useful between a EtherRegen and an Ifi Zen streamer ?

Never tried iFi LAN purifier. I use Network Acoustics Eno filter and it made a very nice improvement. Similar concept I’m sure.

@j_andrews try it but…the streamer quality may be your bottleneck. I would not go crazy investing in filters but instead would eventually upgrade to a better streamer. 

Do you think this tweak would make a difference if I already have an optical network between my streamer and router?

“Now, I already have a variety of audio tweaks throughout my system”


Glad to know you’re hearing improvements with iFI LAN iSilencer in your system. It would be helpful for readers to know if you’re using any other tweak in your network chain in conjunction with iSilencer. I have found tweaks like iSilencer yields very little to no difference cause I am already using a very high quality ethernet switch between my router and streamer.

@audphile1 yes I agree , planning to move up the streamer chain soon….but not a huge leap up since I’m getting the Innuos Pulse Mini. Currently the Ifi Z.S. just gets the job done and I have no idea how much it’s holding things back or not.

It’s powered by an LHY 12V linear supply and fed via TWL Ethernet cable from an Uptone EtherRegen. 

The price on the iSilencer is low enough that it’s worth the experiment to see if there are any improvements to be gained post the EtherRegen.


I'm not using any other tweaks in my network chain.  I'm only using the ifi.  The ifi, in conjunction with all my other tweaks, is all I need.  I'm all done.

This product is what is known as a "LAN galvanic isolator".

I recognize it because my wife is a heart surgeon who does ablations (for tachycardia and things like that) when peoples' heart beat is off.  They need all the stray electric signals isolated.

You can buy much nicer ones, that have a proper ground (for serious surges) for $31.59 on Amazon.  Or one that is the same for $13.99.

Do you think this tweak would make a difference if I already have an optical network between my streamer and router?

@zlone , Yes, I find the pluses to be cumulative. I run FMCs with a patch cable in between --> IFI LAN --> Streaming devices

@deep_333 Yes, I find the pluses to be cumulative. I run FMCs with a patch cable in between --> IFI LAN --> Streaming devices

Okay, thanks!

I THINK THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF: Issue Details - Noise and jitter are routine to measure, yet I see NO data demonstrating the effectiveness of the LAN iSilencer. Instead, I see marketing nonsense calling it "Gigatastic." That leads me to be extremely skeptical - where's the proof that this product does ANYTHING? Your failure to provide substantiating evidence supporting this product's claims will be taken *and widely publicized* as your tacit admission that your product is nothing but Snake Oil. Please don't insult your customers with inane marketing gibberish. --

Dec. 6, 2023 Hi Paul, Thank you for getting in touch with your feedback on the LAN iSilencer, I’m sorry that you do not believe that it helps with the noise and jitter. We of course disagree and so do many of our customers, I urge you to try it and see for yourself. Once I have more information from our technical leads, I will pass this along to you. Perhaps it is an oversight to not include test data but the true test is whether people keep using the product and people keep using the product because it works. Best regards, Liam

I couldn't hear any difference.

FOLLOW UP: iFi closed Customer Service ticket requesting data showing that this product does ANYTHING - I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and I know that noise and jitter are routine to measure. They refused to send me any data at all. Looks to me like they are hiding something.

from iFi Customer Support - "We have not heard back from you for a few days and want to ensure your queries have been resolved. For now, I will close this ticket but please do not hesitate to re-open this ticket If you have any questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to help. Best regards, Liam

Augwest, I am not sure what is in the devise. iFi normally uses cancellation for noise reduction. I have a DC "Silencer" from iFi, and it does make a small improvement to my Motorola Modem. It does run rather warm.

I saw one picture of the iFi LAN Silencer opened. The case looks to be plastic with no metal shielding, so it may not meet CAT 7 specs.

SOtM makes a CAT 6 and a newer CAT 7 isolator. The CAT 7 has the extra shielding and some minor improvements over the earlier CAT 6 unit. They are both more expensive compared to the iFi Silencer, and require an extra cable because they don't plug in.

I need to add; the iFi website does say the case is shielded. I need to ask them if it meets CAT7 specs.



see my post above.  It’s a low rent surge protector.

specifially an LAN galvanic isolator.  There about $13 on Amazon.

My wife (and all doctors that hook up patients to anything computerized) use them to prevent patient shock in the event of a major catastrophic event.

No clue how that would affect, if at all, music, other than as insurance against a rare surge.

Purchased the Ifi LAN iSilencer after multiple positive reviews on diverse audiophile forums. Installed it between my router and first network switch. This device really works! Expanded soundstage, better imaging, less mid/high frequency harshness and increase in bass resolution. Sounded great immediately after plugging it on my router.

Also tried it directly at the input of my streamer with same results. I have placed a second order for an additional unit.



I recently bought an IFI Lan  silencer to place between my Lan cable and Bluesound Node.  I would not say it’s a huge night and day difference but it seemed to sound a little louder and a little more detailed, almost like if you were at a concert and moved up a couple of rows closer to the stage.

@lalitk  Here's a list of the tweaks that I have in my network chain and throughout my system:  3x iFi LAN iSilencers, 3x Puron AC Line Conditioners, Bybee Technologies Crystal Series Speaker Bullets, Upgraded Audioquest Wall Outlet, and various Vibrapod cones and discs under all my components, including my Pakedge Switch.  All the above listed tweaks work together to produce a wonderful improvement in SQ in my audio system.  Happy listening.