In need of stabilizer/puck for a Sony SCD-777ES

Just bought a used SCD 777ES at a very fair price because w/o the disc stabilizer, the seller couldn't verify that it was working properly.  Any words of wisdom as to where I could obtain a stabilizer?  Thanks in advance!
Perhaps someone who is using theirs as a boat anchor because they can't get the laser parts will either sell or give you one.  Don't lose hope.
Ask Art Dudley.  He thinks that digital developments ended with that player.
Have you tried eBay, or contacting Sony?
The laser in the Sony SCD777ES is notorious for failing. You can find the laser for sale on ebay at around $150 to $300, but some would prefer to just shelve the unit rather than replace the laser. I had mine replaced by a friend in one day. It can’t be that difficult. In any case, there must be one owner of a failed unit that would be willing to part with the puck. I'm hoping that if anyone feels generous, they will respond to you via this thread.
Thanks for the responses and yes, I’ve been checking EBay the last few days since I got the unit.  There were 2 parts units sold before I started looking, but nothing currently up for auction.  Even the cheapest one went for $150 delivered.  That’s an expensive puck.

tonykay, I hope you are right!  
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I may have an extra one from a unit I pulled for parts.  I'll check and see.
Just wanted to close the loop by saying that I received a puck from dgarretson in the mail today!  As an unexpected bonus, he also included a copy of the service manual for the SCD 777, as well as additional documentation.  Truly above and beyond.  THANK YOU D!!!