Increse sound and safely power Cerwin Vega RE38s

Hello all,

I have inherited a beautiful pair of Cerwin Vega RE-38s from my Uncle and they are in near pristine condition. Novice move, I know, but I never looked into power reqs for those speakers and fried my Yamaha Aventage RX-A1080... I have replaced it with a Marantz SR8500 (also not for 4 ohm speakers, I know) and I am looking to add an amp to really maximize the potential of these speakers and to prevent destroying another expensive receiver. Anyone with a similar setup have any recommendations for an amp? Do I need more than just an amp?

I'm still pretty green to the "audiophile" world and would love to learn more. 

Honestly, not turning them up so loud that things break is a start!
Your ears will thank you when you get older.
A PS Audio Sprout could do the job and takes the iffy-sounding receiver out of the equation.