indoor antenna?

I live in NYC, 4th floor of 4 story bldg, currently using rabbit ears. I am considering Terk TV50, but will also consider anything else. Does anyone have any good ideas/experience?. My bldg. does not allow outdoor antennas.
Does your cable TV carry the FM band? Many do, and for some reason it is a big secret??
Sugarbrie is right, FM carried by cable would probably be your best approach. If not, I've found the FM Reflect carried by ($30) to best DIRECTIONALLY my Fanfare and Dynalabs antennae. So line it up and stick it to the wall.
When I lived in NYC and inquired about FM via cable TV (Time Warner)I was told that it was "discontinued because they never got it to work right". I used a "Silver Ribbon" with some success. It had to be reoriented for different stations. I suppose that was a blessing in disguise as weak signal strength was not as much of an issue as much as multipath was. Living between the Twin Towers (hard to believe they are gone) and the Verrazano bridge made over the air TV reception complete with 7 ghosts for each character (football games looked like riots). Fellow New Yorker's reported that amplified antennas like the Terk made things worse, amplifying superfluous noise. Good luck.
P.S. you may have the legal right to an antenna despite your buildings objections.
Unsound is correct. One of the recent communications bills in Washington greatly reduced the ability to ban antennas/satelite dishes, etc, by building and neighborhood associations, and other zoning variances. If you are a tenant (paying rent) you may be stuck.
The FCC has a factsheet on preemption of restrictions on OTA antennas. You might want to see if your circumstances qualify. The factsheet is available at:
I'm in a similar predicament. Live in a condo with no outdoor antenna AND lots of appliances to interfere with the signal. I recently tried the Godar indoor antenna and its works GREAT. Signals come in strong and I can enjoy FM again.
The best indoor antenna I ever used, before I got an outdoor one, is the old Day Sequerra indoor antenna. It was fairly expensive new; if you can pick one up in the used market it would be worth an audition.
I appreciate all the responses but I was not interested in FM reception, I am interested in a good indoor TV antenna.
Can anyone offer advise on a good indoor TV antenna.
I once usedan outdoor antenna placed under the bed.
Ask your neighbors. If they can't help you, I'd suggest you break down and get cable or better yet fight for your rights and get a dish.