Infinty epsilon loudspeaker phase adjustment on servo control

On the back of servo control of  infinty epsilon loudspeaker there is a switch to be adjusted to either  0 or  180 for phase change . This is to be adjusted with amplifier and loudspeaker . If this key is set on the wrong phase a very damaging signal runs through the amp and might  damages both amp and loudspeaker . It is not clear how this can be avoided from amp to amp and it is by simply by luck to have the correct phase. Any suggestion how this can be avoided prior to start of woofer amp ? The wrong set up could seriously damage both amp and loudspeaker !
If you can't spot anything wrong, I myself would drop back and punt to Infinity on this one. I'm thinking it seems like it may be some sort of compatibility, setting or connection issue with the servo box and your amps...assuming the SCU does not need servicing. Have you double checked all your connections relative to Infinity's instructions, including polarity?
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Okeeteekid is an IRS Epsilon owner & long-time Inifinity lover, so i’d trust his advice. You could also use something like the Isotek Ultimate Set up disc which has a useful phase test which you can use as a diagnostic tool. That is also a great alround tool for setting up your speakers -
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Thank you all . I do have all the instruction manuals (I/M) for Infinity Epsilon . In the I/M it only warns you if polarity on the servo is not set correctly and not compatible it severely damages amp and speakers . You only have a 50/50 chance when you try  the amp  which controls the woofer section of the speaker  . I can only tell that setting wrong polarity on the servo  is a dreadful experience and system could be severely damaged ! 
I sent an email to Accuphase to find out if this amp in non -inverting or inverting ? 
Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that amp 50 watts of pure class A, if it is I wouldn't use it for the woofers, the woofers are crossed over so low with a steep slope that you don't hear any vocals at all out of the woofers, in fact all you hear is the bass, I tried these amps for my woofers, a forte 3, 200 watts, an adcom 555, 200 watts and adcom 585 250 watts on my woofers, the guy I bought my epsilons from was using a bryston don't remember the model # on the woofers, I use a forte model 4a 50 watts pure class A for the high frequency drivers.

I also used Krell fpb 700cx which had problems with the servo. I will
use  Accuphase 500L which is a 400 win 4 Ohms and will try that . 
If you read the stereophile review on the epsilon they said they had problems when using krell amps with the servo