Installing Bucket Magnets

Hey folks, im getting ready to install some Bucking magnets in my JM Lab 707s and a pair of Velodyne Subwoofers in order to shield them for the TV.

Looks straight forward, epoxy the magnets to the rear of the drivers.

Has anyone done this before? Any complications you have come across that i should know? Any advise?

This changes the electrical parameters of the drivers which needs to be accounted for PRIOR to the final design of the speaker. Proceed at your own risk. Sean
So i oughtta find a non-permamant way of doing this to see if there are any ill effects on the speakers?

can you see any potential permamant damage that might be caused by this?

still kinda pisses me off they are make without shielding, you'd think any speaker series that includes a center channel would normally have shielding on the entire line.
Hi Slappy,

The added mass to the rear of the driver will change its resonance characteristics. The voicing of the speaker system in the range of that driver may be affected.


Barry Kohan
While Sean is 100% correct that the magnets will change the driver Q, it is ever so slight that I know of no one that could hear a difference.

5 minute epoxy works very well and if you don't like the sound after installing them just take a sharp chisel, work it around the edges and pry the magnets off.
If this is one of the servo controlled subs, be careful. Changing the electrical parameters of the speaker may make the servo system unstable.