int-amp for Paradigm Studio-20s?

Just ordered Studio 20s and am researching a quality integrated amp for it. Budget is $800-1000. Should I look at tubes?
This is for 2.1 music only, living room ... classical, jazz, some rock, mixed ... not super loud.

Haven't had a tube amp before. Are they high maintenance?
Any good entry-level hybrids perhaps?

I have these as my second system. They were in my office and now have them in my bedroom. I use a Jolida 10 watt tubed amp (model FX-10). I bought it for $450 and think it sounds amazing. You'd save a tun of money and I think you'd really enjoy the sound.
If you can up your budget a little,there are 2 Rogue Audio Cronus integrateds for sale in the classifieds.I have heard this amp with Paradigm speakers(Monitor.Studio and Signature series) and the combinations sounded excellent.Remember,your other equipment,placement,room and other things all have an impact on the sound.Don't discount what a good pair of speaker stands can do for the sound.There is some maintenance involved with the Cronus but I sure wouldn't call it "high maintenance".Biasing the power tubes is easy with the onboard meter,change out tubes occasionally and that's about it.These amps react extremely well to tube rolling so you can tailor the sound to your liking.Go to and check out the stats on thee Cronus.Good luck in your search.
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my brotherinlaw has the studio 20 and I have or should say did have a rogue 80 tube amp,and the combo is just plain fantastic sorry I sold my rogue,tubes give them a warmth and fullness and really just plainly sound great!!!
My Paradigm 20s sound terrific with a 10 wpc tubed amp. They would sound even better with more substantial tubed amps.
Mst ... you use 10watt Jolida 10s?
Isn't that kind of low output drive?
Any problems with dynamic signals?

I had the Studio 20s with an NAD 744 receiver and an 80 watt tube integrated. While there were definite improvements in some areas with tubes, the overall sound was more balanced and satisfying with the NAD. The 20s are excellent speakers, but definitely dip into 4 ohm territory, which is not the strength of tubes.
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I have Studios 20 V5 and I am using Rogue Audio Perseus
Tube Preamp and Parasound SS Amp. Sound iz amazing.
There is no need for a subwoofer.
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Well, My room is 17 x 11 x 9 and the sound is great, even
bass. I don't care about specifications, for me sound is
Bob, you're right, the tonal balance of the tube-20 combo definitely shifted upwards. That was my experience.