Need some advice. I want to get a good audiophile integrated amplifier for my system. Currently using a cary sli80 with some thiel cs3.7 speakers. I'm trying to decide between pass labs int 150, jeff rowland contenuam 500, or mark levinson 383. Haven't heard any of the amps but I've read a verity of reviews on them.need some advice on witch one to get.any feedback would be appreciated thanks. 
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Read about the MF NuVista 800 at Audioshark. It is outstanding. I would suggest an audition if you can. Good luck!
Out of the choices you have given I would wholeheartedly recommend the Rowland Continuum 500 or S2 or similar from him. You will not be disappointed and the synergy with the Thiel’s should sound wonderful. CODA or Pass Labs would be next on the list.

Let us know which way you go!
my experience with the ML383 and Maggie 1.6 was grainy and 2 dimensional

ymmv fwiw
@johnnyb43 as a Thiel CS 3.7 owner i can assure you that the best choice for the them is the Gryphon Diablo 300, if you are patient try to find a used one.Regarding integrated this is the best long term investement for Thiel CS 3.7s.Cheers.
It comes down to budget as well..I had the same setup for my thiel 3.7 ..cary sli80 and loved the results. .drove them with a mcintosh mc7270 and a cary slp and it was really good. .Liked the results I got with hegel h360 the most never tried pass or rowland. .best of luck. 
Hegel H360 is a good choice for the 3.7s if you're on budget.But if one day you have the chance to demo the Diablo 300 on your speakers i'm sure you would be impressed.