Integrated Amp or preamp to separate Lumin T2 from home theater system

I have a home theater system and my receiver is an Anthem 1120. I use a Moon Sim 330A amp for my left and right speakers and the Anthem 1120 for the rest on my 7.2.2 system. I have a Lumin T2 music streamer and I stream Qobuz and also my converted CD's. To get the most out of my Lumin I was thinking of separating it from my home theater 1120 receiver and having it run with either an integrated amp or its own preamp while using the Sim 330A amp. Any opinions on whether it would be better to go with a good integrated amp or buy a preamp and stay with the Sim 330A amp
I use two processors in my system. I have a Krell Showcase for HT & a Luxman CL 38U SE for music. W/my Bryston 3B Cube I hook up the balanced outputs to the Krell showcase and the unbalanced outputs to the Luxman tube integrated. I just hit the balanced and unbalanced switch in back of the amp to power whichever processor I'm using.
Can you use the lumin as a preamp? If so you could buy a switch to basically a/b the inputs on the amp. Then you would have nothing between your CDs and the amplifier except For your interconnects what you don’t do anything anyways
Maybe take a look at this integrated with HTB

The sound of your Lumin will be better for music(XLR)

Your Anthem receiver will use RCA inputs.( Bypass ) for video.

You sell the Sim 330

just my two cents.

If you were thinking a two channel system then you already know your LUMIN has Leedh processing so you don’t need an integrated and can use the LUMIN as a preamp as well. So you  just need a power amp.
You can use the Lumin T2 with your Sim 330 ( Leedh volume control)
And use the RCA inputs of the Sim 330 with the Anthem receiver

But do not forget to put the jumpers on the XLR inputs of the Sim 330  each time you change sources . If I understand the Sim 330  well.

A poster wrote not long ago that he did not like the sound of his 
LuminT2 direct to his amplifier using Leedh . He prefered going with
a preamp.
@tuberist I am using my Sim as the amp for the Lumin. I only use the amps of the 1120 for center speaker and ceiling speakers. Are you saying I can bypass the Anthems preamp and it will sound better using Lumin as preamp?
Galley, You only know if you try and if you do the experiment how about sharing the results with us?