Interconnects for Linn Genki and LK 85's

Opinion? I've been recommended both Audioquest and Tara Labs. Lately I've heard that Stealth is the way to go. I don't want to spend over $200 for each cable. Thank you,
BEL Labs "The Cable" works spledidly with the Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player (in the same range as the Genki) and the Alpha 9R amp. I've heard the Tara Labs, and these are a definite step up in both soundstaging and overall resolution. Far superior. You'll want that with the Genki, especially if you move up to an LK-140 later. $200 the pair retail. I bought mine at a dealer in Houston. I'll be glad to give you more info on where to get 'em.
I have a Genki myself and I'm using HT Prosilway IIs on it and it works great, it seems to bring out an open top end since I think is a slightly lacking on my setup with the Genki, the HT Prosilway IIs gives it flair. I believe you can get an HT Prosilway IIs around the net for around $200 maybe a bit more.
I have the Genki but my amp is a tube mesa baron and speakers are magnepan. I've been shopping for interconnects for about six months and they seem to be very system dependent. I've narrowed it down to HT prosilway mkII, nirvana SL or SX, Discovery Essense, or the Cardas. The cardas sound a little slower but "just sound right" with my tubes and magnepans which can get a little thin sounding. When I close my eyes the smoothness is intoxicating even though they give up a little bit in detail to the other cables. If anyone has some thoughts on my choices I'm looking for some help.
Linn "analogue" is as good as any, mentioned. You have to be careful with too "laid-back" or "sweet" sounding cables. Linn gear is relatively "laid-back". I like Kimber PbJ, with my Majik and Karik, or as i said Linn's own.
do yourself a favor and talk to quest for sound about phoenix gold interconnects and speakercable they are very good and will make custom lenghts for you i got rid of my red dawn and monster and i got a new system by just upgrading my cables and speaker wire to phoenix gold running a golden tube amp for the high end and a sunfire for the bottom end check them out -- quest for sound they have auctions on audiogon now ...