Interconnects that offer a mid-bass lift

Hi all,

I am looking for some mid-priced interconnect cables that deliver a lift to the mid-bass without being too detrimental to treble extension or deep bass performance or muddy up the soundstage. Tall order I know, but it strikes me that there is a lot of digital sources out there that need a little lift to the mid bass sonics.
Difficult to advise, since no-one has your system, and cables are design & system dependent. What you are looking for, as I understand it, i a cable that slightly attenuates frequencies above mid-bass (as you know cables don't amplify...).
Have you tried good quality zip chord -- just to get an idea in yr system?
mmm let me dial in... calling thee amazing kreskin please answer...calling thee amazing karnak...please come in...
Try Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference (original version, not the Ref II). It's inherent sound is right inline with what you're looking for and can be gotten cheap. And if they don't work for you you can sell them at little or no loss. Best of luck.
Hi Rrog. My current cables are Nordost Valhalla. These are fast and neutral. However, I am looking at a change in digital source and some of the products I am interested in are quite clinical having super treble extension and bottom end audio frequency performance - but are somewhat cool and hollow in the mid-band. This gives the impression of leanness.

Therefore wondering if someone has come across the same challenge as described above and found interconnect cables that counter slight mid-range deficiencies of analytical digital sources?? really shouldn't use cables as tone controls... get the proper components.
Stringreen really shouldn't use cables as tone controls... get the proper components.

LoL... I have been preaching the same for years - which is how I ended up with Nordost cables. However, there are instances where something (cable or components) needs to act as a tone control. Just like when there is too much sunshine your eyes need shades :-)
Kiwi....If you have a Nordost dealer near by ask if you could borrow some of the new Tyr2 cables. I recently upgraded my Frey Ic to the Tyr2 and I hear what you're asking for. I had the demo case and the Sc's made a bigger difference than the Ic's at least in my system.
I don't think you will find an interconnect that only increases the midbass. You can find a warmer interconnect that will give you more midbass, but it will also affect the entire spectrum.
ok fellas, a very good answer to the problem here, Taralabs, a model called,, the one,, this is a very good cable and will lift the mid-bass, you will be happy with this cable, no analitical sound!, no shades required!,just good listening! cheers!
That sounds to me like an answer thanks Audiolabyrinth. Thanks for helping me navigate to the exit - or perhaps the centre!