Intimate Live Acoustic Recordings

Put away all the Christmas decorations and tree yesterday - all located in listening area. What a difference! All the Christmas stuff must have been sucking up half the music. Anyway, revisited two live acoustic recordings, first an old MTV Unplugged Collection (I think the first with Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, Elton John, etc) and then Clapton's Unplugged. Both have superb SQ, very "in the room" sounding even at low volume levels. There must be a few more of these gems out there - any recommendations? 
Some of my favorites are:
Doug MacLeod- "There's a Time" and "Exactly Like This" VERY well recorded.
Harry Manx- "Road Ragas" Manx plays an instrument called a moganveta which is a 6 string guitar over a 32 string sitar. He plays a bluesy style and can fill a room with this instrument.

Dimeola/McLaughlin/Delucia- "Friday Night in San Francisco" This is the grandfather of acoustic pyrotechnics from three masters. 
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks: Where's The Money. Recorded live at The Troubadour in 1971. Great music, great sound.
Nirvana and Alice in Chains. MTV unplugged. Superb quality. Thanks MTV.
Stewart and Dylan unplugged also very fine.
Great topic, mcondo!

Hot Tuna's first record.

Christian McBride Live at the Village at the Village Vanguard.

Macy Gray's jazz record, Stripped. And while not performed in front of a live audience, the album is recorded live with the microphones placed at ear level, head width. Sounds like an intimate jazz club.
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Muddy Waters: album : Folk singer.

Buy the new remastered version with bonus...

Audiophile recording stuff...

It is my only blues album, generally I dont like blues much, but some are really good to sing blues, Muddy Waters is a legend, this album is certainly one of the reason why...

Otherwise " Sound liaison"  makes audiophile music with one mic ...

The Polish "TACET" tube only recording engineering is also a must...

Hot Tuna's first album +1
Neil Young Live at Massey Hall
Columbia House Radio Hour volume 1
Joan Baez Ring Them Bella
David Crosby Graham Nash Another Stoney Evening
I'm here. Have a couple of the suggestions, but will check out the others. Forgot I even had the Neil Young Massey hall cd. 
Sheffield Labs S-9 and S-10. Recorded direct-to-disk, which are by definition live recordings.
Although its studio I ain't Marching Anymore by Phil Ochs is a showcase vinyl Disc. Just Phil and acoustic guitar.