IRS Beta -- help

Calling on all and sundry for pointers, info, etc on repairing the EMIM (electro-magnetic midrange) on a pair of IRS beta.
Either repair or find NOS.

Appreciate any ideas & all help. Thanks
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Thanks Elizabeth.
Hopefully it's the tabs you mention. I never checked this and will do so.
There is a web group in Yahoo about Infinity classics & another group on the web (link here)
There is a lot of help and parts on these sites.
The second group is in German, but there is an English section if you click around.
Good luck, John
Graz, the guy who makes the ribbon replacements for Apogee speakers, is looking at making new replacements for Infinity owners.

This project was born by Infinity owners at the (Audiokarma forums)...but didn't go over well with management at that forum.

Some of the conversation moved to our forum (Apogee forum) a way to help those guys out.

You could probably contact some of the Infinity guys through email to find out how the project is progressing?

good luck.I have had many infinity speakers over the years and loved them dearly.It became to hard to find parts.if you concider what they cost back then to what wages were that in todays money you would spend about 15 to 20 thousand on speakers a bit rich for me.I use maggi 3.6r with (4) rs1b bass towers and infinity servocontrol/crossover,this i think you already have.The 3.6s are about 4 thousand.The ribbon tweeters are excelant the mids are the same,do not run them full range.Just use the mids highs on the maggi,s set the servo control units low pass cutoff control to high 2 position that will crossover at 250 Hz that is what magnapans manual says the 3.6s crossover at.Run this setup like two seperate systems use the maggi crossover but only the mids and highs.I am shore you will be more than pleased with the sound.IT will also take lots of good interconects mostly silver.Speaker cable (psc)copper will work great.The cables are where the expence comes in.Infinitys mids and highs sound good with lamp cord because they are so bright.I miss my infinitys but what i have now is sonicly superior.Good luck
I'd give Bill Legall of Millersound a call at (215) 412-7700.

Although he known most for some serious Vandersteen upgrades, Infinity is his true passion. I doubt anyone has done more Infinity work than Bill. He's done a lot of work to the EMIM and EMIT drivers in his own IRS Beta and IRS V to make them better performing, better sounding, and more reliable.
i agree with trelja!!! i know bill myself. he rebuilt the mid/tweeter panels of my infinty 1b's and they are now like new and bullet proof (well,just about) his work is top notch and afforable to boot. you cant pass it by. tell him MR T sent ya. good luck

Try Bill! He saved my Beta L-emim last year Great service.

Millersound 215-412-7700
I was the guy on the AudioKarma site who started the project with Graz Keet of Apogee (I have RSIIb's). Currently, he is examining various EMITs and EMIMs which several of us at AK have sent to him (he is in Australia). He seems excited to make new diaphragms for us and should soon be making prototypes for testing. He feels he can improve both the sound quality and reliability of the diaphragms using more modern materials and CNC machining.

If you are interested in contacting him, his email is:

He intends to make all of the versions that are in demand, so if you have a particular type of EMIT or EMIM you need, you may want to contact him and let him know.
Thanks everyone. Made a few calls as suggested and, magically, solved the problem (used a hair dryer on the membrane)!