Is anybody using the new Afterdark music server?

Hi: This looks like a well built machine. Has anybody auditioned or bought one? Please share your thoughts. Good listening. Jeff


@mahler123 : That's correct . No DAC. I've been using the Afterdark external clock/power supply with the Uptone Etheregen for the past year and these products are a great bang for the buck.

I have been using their Black Magic I2s cable for my CD transport to dac for a few years with great results.

Its just a computer.  Far from a purpose built piece of audio gear.  Yeah it's purpose is to play music but it's a general purpose device in the end which means much of the architecture is wasted and not designed specifically for playing music.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing other than all the glitches pc's can have but to pay this much for it is a little crazy.  And the description reads like a bad SPAM email.

@yoby I thought the days of general purpose computers disguised as purpose-built music servers was well behind us. I was surprised by the $5,600 price.  The purpose built Aurender ACS100 at $3,500 is likey a better choice . If you're happy, that's all that matters 

@cycles2 : I have never auditioned or owned one these servers. Just curious how it compares with others on the market. Good listening. Jeff

@yoby  I don't understand your question. Are you saying that you've never auditioned a true music server such as an Aurender ACS100?

Hi cycles2: No I have not auditioned a true music server in my system. I've been using a general purpose Windows 10 PC as ROON Core for the last couple of years. Now, with better funding available I'm ready to delve into the dedicated music server world. The Aurender N200 is at my maximum price point rright now. Thank you everyone for your insights on music servers. Jeff