Is anyone familiar with shipping oversea?

I have an audio processor that I want to ship to a buyer in France. Has anyone done this before? Which shipping service is better? Thanks for the help.


I did just last week. I sent it United States Postal Service. It was $26. When I got a price from FedEx it was $226 same thing for UPS like $240. It took about a week to get there I would just box it up real good and take it to your local post office 

I just sent a large package with 15"woofers to Italy.  Used to get a good deal.


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+1 for USPS..
Shipped all over the globe,including Navy ships at sea with 100% success rate...

Advise customer that it may be delayed by French customs and there will likely be a fee.


Yep. The VAT is 20% from what I heard. That’s broke the deal. Back to the drawing board.