Is it just me or has A-gon become a high dollar

ebay when it comes to selling recorded music? Of course, some will reply if you don't want to spend that much don't buy it & don't complain. Of course I'm going to go to ebay where I know I can get the same thing for $50.00 to $150.00 less. At first it was laughable when I saw some of the asking prices but now I think it's obscene. I know, I know, each to his own, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, but we're talking about one CD or one LP!

I had the great opportunity to audition another A-gonners audio system a few weeks ago & his listening room is 2/3 the size of my house! I live in a regular rancher but the point that we both agreed on is we both buy music to listen to-not to collect like some prized trophy.

OK, now I'm ready. It's OK, I'm already taking pain pills so hit me with your best shot.
Driver; I've wondered the same thing. Equipment typically sells for 50-60% of MSRP, but music sales are sort of new to Audiogon, and sellers are just going for "whatever the market will bear"-- free enterprize-- capitalism etc at work, IMO.

But I'd REALLY have to want a recording before I'd pay some of the obscene prices I've seen in the music section. And I'd really like to know how many of those super expensive recordings actually sell for at or near the asking price? Cheers. Craig
I purchased over 100 mint LP's in the past week alone ranging in price from 50 cents to $1 each and have probably picked up 600 or so LP's in the past year. They are not all audiophile pressings, of course, but some are Shaded Dogs, Living Stereo, Sheffield, etc. if you are into that. Guess where I shop?
I've found the asking prices for some of the Audiophile recordings to be quite funny...especially most of the MFSL stuff. I really hope that those people aren't getting $200 plus for an outdated CD. It's not like most of them are really all that rare (There were often tens of thousands of copies made) and I'm sure their collectability will become less and less of an issue as the 16 bit / 44.1khz format fades into obscurity (eventually's bound to happen one day).
I'm with you, Driver, but a funny thing -- my friends who pull music off the Internet cannot believe that I pay $13 for a CD when they can get the entire album for free. They also like to argue, "It's about the music," whenever I mention hi-fi equipment.