Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars

I've been very happy with my Reference 3A Grand Veenas for quite a few years now,what did I like about them?
Well first off they are a critically acclaimed product not an unknown
Secondly I thought the parts matched the price I agreed with the value
Third they sounded like I'd read they would ,and just as they looked like they would .Full range, disappeared completely,easy to understand midrange and easy to drive.
I'm ready to take a step forward now,these will be set up in my main living space(no wife)so they must be valuable. I would like a beautiful sonic asset to live with,Dazzle me!
The AZ Crescendo is a great choice. I,own them also. For $4,000 I hear the new Tekton Double Impact speakers are amazing. The reviewer liked them better than the Crescendos! Oh my. Check them out. No need to spend more perhaps.
big Maggies - the 20.1 or whatever is the newest

add 2 DWM bass panels

this may not quite reach 20 Hz if that is what you mean by full range but it should get pretty close if set up right

or.. Personas
@george99sa.  I had someone recommend the 3A to me one day. I hope you continue to enjoy.  Also thanks for purchasing my Rel s-2 subwoofer. You will enjoy it.  Thanks. Looking for payment tomorrow. 
My Zu Definition 4s are flat down to (a measured) 16hz. If you order new and are willing to stretch your budget a little, Zu will customize the finish although personally I am happy with gloss black. 
Vandersteen is my favorite speaker, so thats what I would recommend. Some other good choices would be DeVore, Verity, Genesis V and ProAc Futures.
Revel Salon 2. An all time great IMHO. You can buy and keep a very long time. 
Especially for speakers, what that kind of budget, I wouldn't buy anything without a proper audition, preferably a home audition.
I am in a similar boat george99sa, as I also own a pair of the Grand Veenas.
Terrific speakers, especially for their price. 
I have upgraded everything else in my system besides the speakers.
I have looked and listened, but I'm not sure that I can do better overall in the $10-$15K range.
Perhaps better in some areas, but I would think that overall it may be a sideways move.

That said, the one that does intrigue me the most is the DeVore Gibbon X.
Well jmcgrogan2 I agree the G Veenas will be a hard act to follow but I wondered about the Crescendo 2s or Amati Futura, Eidolon diamonds.I do like Maggies and quads but will dominate my space.Yes I decided to smack a REL S2 sub underneath and lay low a little longer.
By the way EAR 912,BHK 250,SP10 MK2a, Clearaudio Goldfinger/AirTightPC1 Graham Phantom2 Peachtree dac Macbook pro connected with Nordost. 
We have a demo pair  of the awesome KEF Blades for $15k huge sound stage, room filling bass, they play loud and are very transparent.

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If you don't mind independent dealers then Salk, Selah and Daedalus all make fine speakers in your price range. 
Nice pair of AZ Crescendo IIs for sale here now as well as Vandersteen 5as.  Both very worthy of consideration.  Rarely come available, but my holy grail in that price range used would be Joseph Audio Pearls.  Anyway, best of luck. 

At around 12-13k used, the Magico S3 (original version) and the TAD Evolution Ones are hard to beat for transparency and coherence. I own the E-1s and have listened extensively to the S3s.  Both I'm my view are a step up from the Grand Veenas, which are themselves excellent value used.  

"That said, the one that does intrigue me the most is the DeVore Gibbon X."

Exactly my thoughts. Likely because we have their little brother, the DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 88s, in our living room. And they give up a wide rich compelling sound.

So I'm strongly feeling the Gibbon X would offer that much more beautiful music.

Dave, who says while the various Gibbon speakers may not be as sensitive as their Orangutan cousins they are still pretty damn sensitive which makes them a good choice with a wide range of amps including many low-powered Class A's and some tube amps
at that price range you can get reference quality sound.  The most immediate thing I noticed about your current speakers are the 90db sensitivity. If you're going to be spending that kind of money, there's no reason to not get significantly more efficient speakers. The more efficient, the more dynamics.

Next, you want to get as large a speaker as your living room can accommodate, to move the most amount of air at low power. This means 12-15" woofers in large boxes.

My cost no object speaker system is a pair of exemplar horns with karlson subs.

You could get a pair of those horns for around that price.
My vote would be on the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 @$12k new. The great thing about these speakers is they come with their own stands & can be driven with even flea-powered SET’s. They are a Stereophile Class A (restricted) component. Imho these speakers may not even need subs as the reach down to 25Hz.

Used Monitor Audio.. I think you could get the platinums.

That is my vote. You are also in the range of B&W, Wilson's, Focal's and who knows what.

Oh, if you can swing a Sonus Faber Stradivari... :)


EgglestonWorks Andra II or III-  Full range, easy to place in the room,
very smooth response, very realistic sound.  very well constructed. Downside- 225lbs/each.

Beware...Devore O/96 need room to breathe but they do sound great in the open.  I prefer the Harbeth 40.2 over the Devores in a tighter space. For your price range, my personal recommendation is the Vandy Quatro, smooth and very musically.  Perfect tight bass, beautiful mid range and the imaging is just awesome. Really depends on the type of music you listen too but give it a listen.  Good luck! 
use 10% of the cost for a calibrated mic, room measuring software and room treatments
Nothing mentioned yet can equal or best these:



Nola Brio Trio (2.1 or 2.2) (<$5,000 new)

or... if you want to consider "boutique" options - (you get a lot more for your money)...

Linkwitz Orion’s, or LX521’s

Wavetouch Audio GT’s or Anteros Monitors

LaHave Melas, or other LaHave models

DC10Audio Berlin R’s, or other DC10Audio Models

I’ve got the Orion’s, GT’s, Antero’s, Mela’s, and Berlin R’s (among others)... and... would have the Legacy Aeris, if I could accept their size, weight and moving challenge... and... I may not be able to resist the Nola Brio Trio - all are incredible! The GT’s and Antero’s are the "giant killer’s" of the bunch... competing with virtually anything.

Any of these will astound and amaze you compared to most others - though some weigh a ton and are difficult to ship, or are not the prettiest.

And... I guess... in your budget range... I might also consider the Maggie 20.7’s - understanding that they have some idiosyncrasies (i.e. size, space, equipment requirements / matching, etc.) - set up right in the right space, they can be impressive!

And... as others have suggested, I'd definitely consider some type of "room correction" (e.g. DEQX, DSpeaker, etc.) - the sound of virtually any set up can be improved by these (especially the bass).


You might want to get a DEQX unit. It will listen to your speakers, your room and allow you to make real time adjustments. It is not one of those cheapo room correction devices, this is the real thing.

Also, it will allow you to blend your sub with the mains.


Thanks Guys I've never listened to the Harbeths but have always been intrigued because of the constant recommendations here in this forum.I'm in New York city area for awhile so I should be able to get out on Long Island to check them out" live" if you will.
No need to go out to the island to audition Harbeths. I think Sound by singer still carries them. He located in the city. I also recommend going to In Living Stereo and listening to the Devores. 
SoundLab A1’s would be in that price range used.. they are very large and do need space. I have a pair that i had the factory update with the hot rod and consummate back plates and with the addition of a pair of Sunfire Subrosa subwoofers and a JL Audio CR-1 crossover my search for speakers is over.
Hi george99sa,

There are many great used speakers available at this price range.  Here are some of my favorites:

Avalon Eidolon  / Eidolon Diamonds (my top recommendation)
Genesis 300 (maybe 200s if you can stretch a bit)
Vandersteen 5A
Von Schweikert VR-5
Sound Lab U-1

How about Wilson Audio Sabrinas? Easy to drive and great full range sound. Used Egglestons as well. Also choice depends on aesthetics; you're going to have to look at these! Used Sonus Faber floorstanders are beautiful and sound beautiful too.
If you're open to new the Paradigm Persona line is remarkable. Second and third on my list would be the Legacy Focus/Aeris and Vandersteen.
You owe it to yourself to hear the KEF Reference 3 far exceeds its price category it is one of the best speakers on the market By far !!

Once again. 35 to 40+ posts, 35 to 40+ different answers. How does this really help the OP????
At that price I have seen:

Aerial 20t v2
Rockport Ankaa
Audio Physic Aventera Plus

All great speakers!
If you have the room size for them Usher BE20D, TAS recommended and punches waaay above their price point...

Tekton Double Impacts.  The only problem you will have is the cost.  They're $3000. 

Oh, if you need bling you can opt for an automotive or gorgeous  veneer finish.  And do the cap upgrade.  Even the you'll not even hit $4500.

Think I'm off the mark?  Read Terry London's review and see what he did with his  $$$ reference speakers.
I have no doubt the Tekton Double Impacts seem to have some good claims however I'm not lacking for power,they would seem tailored to SETs.

I know everyone has their favorites... My many years of experience in the audio addiction biz (now currently in partial remission) tells me that this is a very multi-factored question...

Unknown room size and acoustic properties, unknown musical listening preferences and unknown associated equipment...
Very hard to be accurate in recommending anything with skill while all those parameters are missing...

What would I buy for my own system for this $10-13K money?  I like Maggies, B&W's and my current favorites, Sonus Faber Olympica III's...

My wife even loves the Oly's for their stylish visual qualities!  A win/win for me... I found on the sales floor that women tend to judge speakers by looks 1st... then... they have to sound amazing too!

All of the above speakers need to have several feet of "air" around them to image and develop clean frequency responses properly and it goes without saying that everything in the signal and power path matters too.
The DIs work great with SS or tubes. I run both on mine and for me the sweet spot is high current SS with tube preamp. They are really really good period, not just for the money.