Is it that time of the month?

The "new vs. used" thread made me think about all the gear I've bought/sold in the last 4 years or so & I just had a look at my feedback & noticed in the past three years, I've only missed 4 months where I didn't have at least one transaction. As I look at my modest but decent system, I can't help but think how truly obsessive this has become. Not wanting this to denigrate into a gear vs. music thread, I'll say up front I enjoy both equally, as evidenced by my involvement in pro audio and that I still enjoy having the house & the sweet spot all to myself. (when available)

So, the question is, do you feel compelled to buy something because of one of the following (or other) reasons?

1) haven't bought anything for awhile
2) extra cash is burning a hole in your pocket
3) too good a deal to pass up
4) need to keep a balance on your credit card
5) it just sorta "happened"

I've taken these 5 from personal experience and the last purchase, which was well over 2 days ago, was #3.
Definitely #1.
Switched to boats and fishing spending very close to 10x...
Now want to add a sub...urban(prefere 6.5 TDiesel) and trailer to tow my toy to different places.
I would like to add a #6:
Buy and sell often just to try different stuff.
Otherwise, I would have to go with #3
#7 Became jealous after reading all the great comments on some thread about some piece.
I'm under Muzikat's #6. In the past year I've been through three sets of speakers, three amps and two CDPs all because I wanted to try different stuff. Probably some of #3 as well. Good post Driver.
For me it is the fact i lost my old system and now im dealing with a crapper.
4k of reciever, amp, cd, and dvd-a gear
about 50 bucks worth of speakers.

nuff said. :)
its #6 for me, i gotta admit over the last year ive tried a ton of gear & had alot of fun doing it too!.

It might sound a little strange to some of you, but I think half the fun is making the deal. I can't say that I've needed all the stuff I've bought or even negiotiated for, but the sheer pleasure of the deal and the interaction while doing so is exciting for me. If I end up with a great unit in the process makes it all that much more enjoyable..and if not, I get to make another deal to sell it, which if you've bought well shouldn't be too costly of a learning experience. I guess to make it sound more simple would be to say the chase is sometimes more enjoyable than the capture!
very true. I know exactly what you mean. Another way to say it perhaps;
the journey is the destination.