Is My Onkyo Receiver's Tuner Dead or Just Playing Posum?

Tried using the AM/FM tuner in my Onkyo TX-SR876 home theater receiver but getting no sound. I called Onkyo tech support but the best they could tell me is: "Try a different antenna". This tuner has worked in the past (Las Vegas) but I had a clean line-of-sight to Black Mountain broadcasting antennas. I know this is a shot in the dark but maybe an Onkyo wizard will read and suggest a fix? Can't believe the tuner would just konk out...
Are you getting any sound from the AM band, even if just a lot of static?  

No sound or a bad signal? Does it have a setting to mute weak signals? In that case none of the stations in your new location may pass the threshold. Anyway, I would not worry too much. These days internet radio is at least as good as FM, and a Chromecast Audio used with the TuneIn app will give you thousands of stations in often pretty good quality. Not as good as CD Red Book, depending on a station's bitrate, but on balance, and with different strengths and weaknesses, usually better than FM, which really is a pretty outdated compromise technology. We still have a good FM tuner in the main system, but to be honest it sits unused now that we use a Chromecast to stream internet radio (and from all over the world).
I'm getting silence -not static or "white noise" (both AM and FM). The Onkyo tech says the nature of the tuner is to give silence if it can't find a healthy signal. The tuning dial finds stations if I cycle up or down (never get a "stereo" lock, however).
Good idea using internet radio! I was hoping to get WFMT in Chicago (great classical radio) but I guess this will be on the internet.
Just doesn't make sense the tuner going out on a $1200 receiver (close to ten years old). Thanks for the help...
So it does have an automute if the signal is not strong enough. Next time you visit a friend or family member in a different location with known good FM reception, take it with you and see what you get there.
Or just move over to internet radio. Internet radio is not perfect, but neither is FM. The deficiencies are different and therefore hard to directly compare, but I think on balance for most internet stations with somewhat higher bitrates internet radio is now superior. And it is only getting better: with more bandwidth by the year, bitrates continue to go up. A Chromecast Audio is only $35, and the inbuilt DAC is more than good enough for internet radio.

It ain’t muted, is it? The outboard amp is on, right?

Its an analog source so every zone should receive anything the tuner captures.

Is it set ONLY to HD?

Ant connections tight?

On both ends? Ant & receiver? Winds and critters can unhook it from the ANT.

Only other thing I can think of is what band are you on?

My TX SR 805 has either 3 or 4 bands. 10 presets to each band. I forget as it only takes a minute of FM for me to remember why I quit listening to it.

Pressing the AM/FM or Tunner key…repeatedly , can’t recall which, but one for sure, until you reach the band where your presets are. Otherwise it will appear to be muted. Pulling in no channels. Or it can be done from the drop down panel on the front of the unit.

Sometimes I lay the remote down and a key gets pressed accidentally or something. Who knows.

Durect access us bt pushing the #8 or the key to the right of the zero, (_it says which on the remote itself) and then inputting the exact ch number. 99.5 = 9-9-5.

Anywho.. hope you try that and it helps. Or it magically returns to operating just fine.


I did a "factory reset" few days ago just to be sure some obscure option wasn't accidentally engaged. Checked most of your suggestions (blindjim) and the dang thing just doesn't work. I have the receiver set up next to my (brick) fireplace. Not sure which direction signal is from. Why does my $40 portable radio work and the Onkyo does not (if weak signals)? I'll just use internet radio...
OK.  Without knowing what type of antenna that you have, get a cheap pair of rabbit ears antenna and connect it to the receiver.  You may need to get a connector ... UHF VHF FM 75-300 Ohm TV Antenna Adapter Matching Transformer (cost about $2).   If you $40 portable radio works, so should your receiver.  Try moving your receiver to a different room.  

Yes, tried rabbit ears (screw in coax connection) then tried the "piece of wire" antenna that came with the Onkyo -no dice. Using the "loop" AM antenna supplied by Onkyo -nd. Thanks for the suggestions...
wow. sorry to hear its still no go.

one last thing....

I’m assuming as is everyone else, this thing works with another source, right?

As you said you did a Factory reset holding in the power button and one other one I don’t recall now.

I recall when I first got mine, i only hooked up the FM to an outside ANT. just to check it out quickly. the volume was really, reallly low. i mean extraordinarily low. I now remember having to really crank the knob to get volume. At least a couple full turns!

Put some Rabbit ears on it, and I’d tuen in a station I know is running, ensure its locked on it indicating things should work and slowly start cranking up the volume.

I’d not go past 3 complete turns as you should get something between #2 and #3.

If you do, great! Then get into the settings and adjust the initial ‘on’ volume in the volume settings for the tuner. You can adjust the sources individually so they will all come on at the same level.

If all else fails… well the net is IMHO better than On Air anyhow. Except for local info & updates..

Very good luck.

I read this thread with interest.  I live outside Chicago, listen to WFMT, and have an Onkyo receiver of approximately the same vintage with a Tuner that’s been on the fritz for about two years now.  In my case I get static, but can’t pull in any FM or AM stations.
   The only station that we listen to at home is WFMT..  since I already had both an Apple TV and Bluesound in the system, I switched to Internet Radio and we listen digitally.  This also led to us exploring other Classical Stations and now our favorite is Radio Venice.  WFMT sounds great digitally but I mainly listen to it in the car.
in my case I suspect something may have happened with the aerial, but it’s located in our attic, which is a crawl space.  We had a Home Theater installer place it there, but in the last two years I’ve had Open Heart and back surgery, so I’m not going up there to investigate.  If the task doesn’t cause me harm, my wife will hit me with a frying pan for trying.  And pretty much any radio station worth listening to has a digital feed.  Unless you are die hard analog (and if you are listening via a receiver and not a tube amp, I suspect that you are not), the differences are minor, and once you start exploring the amount of choice available digitally, you’ll never want to go back
As for crawling around in attics,or in crawl spaces under the house, that is why God made kids and phones with cameras.

Get a kid, give him $10 to crawl up there with his cell and send you live images of the connections on the attic ariel..

Well, crap. This is not good news. Two folks own similar devices to my own and both are ten years old when the tuner dies or leaves town on the sly. Rut ro.

Mine arrived on January 11, 2008 about 6P.

Well, I guess I got a couple mor months to go.

I do have a much older DHC 99 Integra Processor with a (Onkyo) tuner which I simply do not fully know how to operate when it comes to HD or side channels to the main radio stations broadcasting slot.

For music I’m with these other people. Streaming from Apple TV, or off my DAC.

I only use the FM tuner section to listen to the radio play by play broadcast of the local NFL team.

AM Bands have never been used.

I use a Sony desktop radio now for USB, Blu tooth, AM, & FM when I don’t feel up to engaging one of the other systems fully. Or merely stream to a mobile device or PC.

I’ll check back in February to see if Onkyo – Integra installs a clock which times out the tuner in their receivers. And processors.

If 3 or four people all have the same issue, at the same time, we should have an open and shut, class action suit as it would then be a quadrinanimous cncensous. Lol

What a world. What a world.

I started having issues with my Integra (flagship Onkyo) 50.1 where it was dropping the audio signal from multiple sources.  I contacted Onkyo USA support and gave them a quick history of what my issue was and what I had done to trouble shoot. Their response was to get my serial number and then send me a box with prepaid label to ship the receiver to them for repair at no cost to me. The was mind boggling to me as it’s a 2008 model, I think, with an advertised 3 year warranty. They also fixed a 40.2 for a friend which was why I even contacted them.  It might be an Integra thing or less likely related to the super high end audio store that we purchased them from. It’s strange to me.  The only email that I didn’t get a response to was my inquiry about why I qualified for this level of service. It’s in the mail or with them now. 

I don’t know why I am getting the service I am, but would recommend giving Onkyo support another chance and let them know what all you have tried. You never know. 
I had same problem and solved it.

I have an Onkyo TX-RZ3100 AV receiver and haven't tried FM tuner for a couple of months. So today I went to listen to the radio and noting sounds, no static, no low volume, no nothing. Couldn't tune any station, no FM nor AM.

I tried everything using remote control, and tried every option in config, but nothing worked.

Then I went directly to the receiver, opened the front flap and pressed the button TUNING MODE that is right above AUX INPUT HDMI and surprisingly static started to sound and I was able to do everything as expected with my onkyo remote control, even sending tuner sound to Zone 2.

Hope this will help.
Wow! That's amazing! I'll see if I can do something similar with mine. Question: Did you ever receive programming? You know, music? Or is it just static... Thanks
Well, I tried your suggestion. Pressing the "tuner mode" button on my unit only selects between manual tuning and automatic (scans for first useable station). I've used the tuner successfully in Las Vegas many years ago but now, nothing. Some day I'll set it up outside and see if it works there. Thanks for your input!
I lost the AM/FM tuner in my Integra DTR9.9 (vintage 2008) a long time ago. It just stopped working one day. Totally silent. So dweller, I don't think you're crazy. I also live in Las Vegas (not that it matters to this discussion). I was using the XM mini-tuner functionality on the DTR9.9 and it was flaky as well. I would lose the option to select the XM tuner from time to time and I would have to do a full reset on the receiver to get it back.I bought a used Integra TUN3.7 standalone XM/AM/FM tuner. The XM worked fine on this unit. But the FM tuner would flake out after it warmed up for about 20 minutes. It would switch in and out of HD radio mode and make a lot of noise making it un-listenable.Finally I bought a Sangen HDT-20 for AM/FM listening and it is working well with a dipole antenna stuck to the wall of my living room.
 Yes, it's funny the thing just conked out. I really enjoyed the digital-radio feature of this receiver. I may be rearranging my HT room which will let me take the Onkyo outside for a clean signal. Then I'll know for sure.
 P.S. In Vegas, I had a clear line-of-sight to the Black Mountain transmitters (in Henderson). Regards
FWIW, I doubt signal strength is the issue.  Even the weakest signal should unmute the FM muting.

I have a different problem with my Integra DHC80.1.  The Internet Radio has stopped working, after working fine since new 8-10 years ago.  Everything else works fine.  Any ideas anyone?
I tried using the radio next to a window, with two antennas (AM/FM) and zilch, nada, nothing. Tried headphones -nothing. The tuner seems to be working so the amp section must be bad (or it's something simple I haven't found yet). Still works great with movies and TV, however.