Is replacing an optical pickup assembly difficult?

Hi everyone,

Is replacing a CDP optical pick up assembly difficult?

Anything of note in doing the replacement? It is a Sony, I thought I read somewhere that you need to remove some solder which keeps the unit protected from static, etc. until installed.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
Hi Mattybumpkin, I am not a tech, maybe someone else can reply, but I have replaced a half dozen optical assembly's, most recently in an NAD cd player, it was a Sony optical assembly and yes, on 5 out of 6 of the units that I have done had two solder joints on the rear with solder adjoining them. In the past, I owned my own stereo store and had no problem getting the advice on where to find it. I can now look at a board and find it... I know that I'm really no help, but to confirm that you will have to remove solder. The good news is that if you don't remove it, nothing will blow up, it just won't work until removed. Good Luck, Tim
A few months ago my cdp was having problems reading disc. The manufacturer advised I send the unit back for a laser replacement which seemed the way to go. Before doing this I decided there was nothing to lose by pulling the laser and lubricating the rails. It was not a difficult task and the cdp has been working perfectly since. My cdp uses a Phillips transport, there was no soldering involved.
Not very difficult on my Sony XA777ES. I have some closeups of the solder blob in this slide show.

Perhaps they will inspire you. Don't forget the grounding strap.

speaking of laser pickups
has anyone ever had experience with e bay seller supermanmeliu I was interested in a denon laser pickup
is he reputable ?