is the nad 2400/1600 combo right for klipsch forte

i recently bought a nad 2400 power amp and the nad 1600 preamp/tuner to go with my 15 year old klipch forte's. it seems to my fried, 49 year old ears that the forte's have become more edgy and forward than i remember with my old nad 3130 integrated amp (30wpc). is it just me and a case of buyers remorse or is 100 wpc too much for these speakers. i listen at moderate levels to blues and jazz primarily. i have a funky technics cd changer that is next to go, could that be the root of all evil in my retro lo-budget system? any advice for cd player in the $250 range?
Hey,The Fortes will almost allways be forward,they are best with gear like Conrad-Johnson,Cary and Belles..If your going to keep the NAD combo you will need a warm CDP and cables..Something like Rega-Planet,Cal-Icon.(300-350).Cables like Discovery,Cardas bottom of the line..Or in the end you can sell the fortes and move on to a non-horn design speaker..imho..
yo, thanks for the opinion on my fortes and their bright personality. money is kinda tight in my house, two kids in college and one in parochial high school. i have about 300 bones for instant gratification. tempted to buy a pair of paradigm atoms and some stands and give up the klipsch to my hard rockin' college boy. what do you think about that plan, or do you think i should spend $ on cdp? it's so good to get a more experienced and educated opinions.
your pal in audio training'
I own two pair of Forte's, and would concur that they WERE forward/harsh prior to my installing improved crossover networks. Some of what you are experiencing is the degradation of the stock network components, which are not the best quality to begin with, and only introduce more noise as they age.

Forte's are a great speker though, any way you cut it!