Is there a clear winner???

I think I've narrowed it down to Revel F50's and Silverline Sonata III? I understand all speakers have their own unique sonic traits and characteristics. From what I've read I believe both of these speakers are superb products for their price, although I have not heard either. If I had a chance to A-B them what could I expect? Are they completely different or similar with subtle differences? I would like to hear well defined accoustic guitar, crisp highs and vocals without bordering on bright, absolutely NOTHING harsh, and once in a while some "punch you in the chest" bass. I will be running a Mcintosh MC352 in 2 channel stereo. Thanks ahead if time for any or all replies !!!
Hi Have have had extensive listening of the SilverLine
Its is a very good speaker.

I have also it it against the Coincident Supoer Eclipse.

The Eclipse I have heard hundreds of times over the l;ast 4 years. It is the best under 10k Speaker I have heard. do others do things better yes, overall though its the most musical speaker I have heard. Listen yo one or look at one on here for 2850.00 Its a steal sendd it back have it brought to cueerent standard and you can go wrong. Peter
Hifi truism #1: There is never a clear winner!

I know F30s well and feel that a Mc amp would be a good match. Silverlines are a nice and easy load - dynamics are guaranteed in this case.
I own the Sonata II, which has different drivers than the III. However, even though I've never heard the Revels, I'd still pick the Sonata based on looks, experience with the Sonata II, and almost endless amp options due to them being very efficient 93dB @ 8 ohms.
The Sonatas will work well with what you've got, and if you decide to change, (tubes including SET's?) will work better all around with whatever you could throw at it.
Revel F-50's are known to be "bright on some material". I auditioned them last year, they are a dated design, and I found they could be a little bright. I chose the Paradigm signature s8's which are a huge step up IMO, and for less money to boot. They both however have rather sharply detailed tweeters. From you comments, i would look at soft dome tweeters. Good Luck