Is there a need for cinema. Speaker from theaters

I have some take out jbl cinema series speakers out of a theater is there a demand for them and what are they worth
People do indeed use the pro stuff at home, in home theater installs.

It may be pro but that says nothing of any potential audio quality.

Trying to reproduce theater sound at home is like trying to reproduce the crap taste and look/feel of McDonalds burgers at home.

It’s a giant step backward. IMO and IME, that is.

You can do a lot better for less/same money. For home theater, that is. JBL is great stuff for sound reinforcement. Top of my list. Or when installing a bar system, or for outfitting a traveling show’s reinforcement system. Top of my list. (there are others on the list but JBL is at the top as one of the ’must audition’ companies)

All that being said, you will find customers for the boxes, who will want to use it in home theater installs.

If you want to know what they are worth, do your research. Find out what the models are and answer your own questions. right now you are just asking what the sun might be and does it come up in the east and then asking what the east is. We can't answer a question when you don't know what the question is. Yah gotta do your own legwork.
It depends on what models of JBL, and age and condition will affect price. You can check ebay to see if there are similar models that are selling. Some are known to do fairly well in the home and will sell at the right price.
Pro audio and theater audio can be as good or better performing than audiophile products. 
Yes, there is. 

Depending on what you have, you might want to sell to a dedicated theater installer. They are out there. 

JBL professional drivers are pretty expensive, and so even on the used market they command a pretty good premium. My point is, if you cannot sell them as a system, you might be able to part them out and sell the components. 

You might even want to reach out to Kenrick sound. They have a thriving JBL restoration business and may make you an offer or give you some great ideas.